Saints Row: The Third How do i make Vehicle Windows Bullet-proof in SRTT

Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by RandomPersonHere, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. So from Yorpie’s Video demonstrating the new Gangs for his SR2 Roots mod... The Car Windows for the New Morningstar(Mafia in his mod) Vehicles are bulletproof, i wanna know how i can reproduce this in other vehicles like a SWAT Lockdown or a STAG (E)N-Forcer. Interestingly enough for me anyway, the car variant of the Justice used for the “Mafia” Gang Members use the “Escourt” Variant which is used in Zimos’ Escort activities. Can someone please tell me if that variant has a flag that makes their windows nigh-invulnerable to damage. I also need this help in order to assure me that whatever i see in that vehicle’s table file that is extracted from the misc_tables.vpp_pc file is not some fake explanation for a hardcoded property of this specific car variant. If anyone’s willing to help or atleast assist me even for a brief moment. Thank you. And have a great day/month/life/night/year ;) - Mr Random Nice Guy.
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  2. I haven't check the file myself, but isn't the flag for the car window go bullet proof inside the vechicle table file, shouldn't the flag defined in side the section of that specific variants? If my understanding is correct you mentioned you already checked the xml file of the variants but find nothing related to it?
  3. Yeah....i haven't found anything related to "bulletproof" or some other stuff.
  4. But i somehow noticed that each type of variant for a car has a different model...

    Maybe the Model itself has the windows built into the doors? i don't know.
  5. Might be the case, haven't got time looked into sr game's logic but from my experience with modding other games, most vehcile windows in games do not have any excatly models, the glasses on them are just visual effect, if this is the case, better looked into the model of certain vehicle and see if it has some sepical define on the 3d model itself.
  6. Ok, thanks.
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