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  1. Hello my name is shaun happy to be familiar with everyone in the forum. Have a nice day
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  2. Welcome to the Row
  3. yes I agree , I am Darkchildkiki18 pleasure
  4. "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints."

    "Let's get down to business. If we're serious about takin' back the Row, we gotta let those muthafuckas know what time it is. Now you break it down, and it's all about respect. Get enough of it, they're gonna back off, and we're gonna move right on in. We got some friends in town that could use some help. Give 'em a hand. 'Course, you can always drop any muthafucka flyin the wrong flag. So long as word gets out that the Saints is on the Row, I don't give a damn how you do it. You feel me?"

    That was a quote from Julius Little, the original leader of the 3rd Street Saints, taken from the first Saints Row game.

    My name is Melissa, people call me FusionH2o, nice to meet you.
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  5. Hi to all! It's so great to be here) I want to find new friends here)
  6. Hi, welcome to the forums.
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