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Hell's Fury-Difficulty Mod

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Baronflynt, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody, and welcome to Hell... for real! Has surviving in Hell become too trivial? Do you barely flinch as you shrug off the miniscule attacks of your enemies? Do you laugh as you mow down hordes of demons with ease? Do the mighty Archdukes crumble to their feet within seconds? Satan has been hard at work equipping his forces with stronger armor, better weapons, and unholy new powers.

    If you have maxed out your powers, collected all the 7 Deadly Weapons, and upgraded a full arsenal, you probably are desiring more of a challenge from Satan's dark army. Hell's Fury aims to provide a challenge for post-game players who want the forces of Hell to match up with their powers. Note that this mod primarily changes the difficulty of Act 3. I don't want players without powers to be overwhelmed by enemies they can't kill. However, expect a greater challenge through all stages of the game.

    V1 Features:

    • Notoriety gain is much slower, meaning that you will not fight Archdukes within seconds of first shooting a civilian.
    • Demon Grunts now have a rare chance of using the Locust gun.
    • Dark Inciters summon enemies much quicker.
    • Dark Inciters summon new enemies.
    • Increased the health of Legionnaires, Archdukes, and Grenadiers.
    • Grenadiers and Archdukes now have an Arcane Shield like Dark Inciters.
    • Added new enemy: Shadow Demon Elite. They are similar to super-powered Zin from Saints row IV, meaning that they will jump around and are very fast, and they use regular weapons instead of sniper rifles. They retain their teleportation ability.
    • Archdukes will break out of Stone Blast much quicker.
    V2 Features:

    • Tweaked the way Notoriety gain is handled.
    • Added more Dark Inciters.
    • Gave super powers to Demon Grunts.
    • Legionnaire's now use their powers more.
    • Archdukes have been upgraded a ton. They are very aggressive and deadly now, using their attacks much more frequently.
    • Increased amount of enemies spawned during Notoriety.
    • Winged Militia enemies now use Rocket Launchers.
    • Shadow Demon Elite deal more damage with their weapons.
    I'm always open to feedback. If you have an idea for a new feature, enemy type, or another suggestion for the next version, feel free to share it.

    Installation Instructions: Place all files in the main Gat out of Hell folder, where the exe is located. (Program Files->Steam->Steamapps->Common->Saints Row Gat out of Hell)

    Thanks to Minimaul's Saints Row IV tools so I could extract the files needed to make this mod!

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  2. Can't wait to test this out! :D Thanks!
  3. Great mod! Hope to see some of the upcoming things, definitely need more enemies patrolling.

    cRAZYSAINT Modding patch tester

    so awsome doing a hardcore playthrough boom shockalocka
  5. Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I updated this, but I've started working on this mod again! The biggest changes are with Archduke fights, they should be much more difficult now. I will be updating a lot more now that I'm almost done with college!
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  6. is this mod in "Rastaman289& Fan of Saints' Expanded Arsenal mod-666 Edition?" Is it, or is the version on there an older version, if it is in there?
  7. So the grenadier and archduke shield is not the same thing as the Dark inciter Shield. The DI shield can be taken down with excessive firepower, while the grenadier shield is seemingly infinite without powers. This is a bit of a problem since grenadiers spawn in some of the missions to get the first power (the workaround is simple enough, just do Blackbeard or Shakespear first, but useful for people to know that)