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i created this in an off topic section due to the fact that Saints Row 1 is not listed in the modding section..

i cannot tell you enough how thankful i am to you for creating the unpack.exe for unpackign the files in saints row... allthough it is sad to say that one of your programs is not working properly messing with saints row 1 files...ive noticed a few errors i would like to discuss with you...and if you do not have an xbox 360 i can give you all the details you need to know...it seems as though it extracts the .vpp_xbox2 file but when it zips the file back together the file size is over 60,000 kb larger then it was originally

please reply... this is important to me and see this as a breakthrough in modding saints row 1 on the xbox 360
That sounds like the original file is compressed. Provide -c to the pack and it should compress the data.


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Please don't discuss console modding here - it's too closely linked to piracy and we can't support that.

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