(GOTR) Crash to Desktop when firing most guns

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by glenquagmire71, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. I've returned after a year hiatus (working on my Doom modding project, and Expanded Mod for AoM) only to find that firing most weapons causes a Crash to Desktop, especially Automatic ones.

    I figured the last timed I edited my Classic Saints Row 2 project I busted something up, but the issue sticks regardless with GoTR, just the vanilla fixes, Classic SR2, Vanilla, etcetera.

    I figure that a clean reinstall may fix the issue, but I'd prefer to leave that as a last resort. So just asking in case anyone else has had this issue.
  2. A clean install will fix your issue. It's honestly the fastest way to fix the issue, other than that I recommend looking in the weapons.xtbl file and seeing what your projectiles are set to, make sure they are the original matching projectiles, make sure you don't have any non cached models attached to your weapons/skins. I honestly couldn't tell you what the issue is, so I would scan through 3d_items.xtbl (it might be named different), and weapons.xtbl. If anything replace both of those files from the ones that came with gotr to see if it fixes your issue.
  3. What he said. I also recommend looking at the weapons.xtbl file and the 3d_items.xtbl, if something looks out of suspicion, fix it.
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