SR:TT getting 3d models form clmesh_pc / glmesh_pc

Hello, sorry to reopen a thread on a topic already too much discussed. I am looking to get 3d models from clmesh or glmesh. It is ingame fixed objects, such as the "Saint of all saints": the angel of the "planet saints". I've been searching for years, I've been understanding the vpp_pc and str2_pc with the tools. And when I use the meshViewer nothing happens.

also, I tried to use le tools on SRTTR for better quality model but i got nothing.

tools used:


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The easiest way possible to extract any model is Ninja Ripper
I extracted it from SR4 with the ripper but it also works with TT and TTR
I just tried Ninja ripper, on TTR i can't launch the game via .exe (got it from EGS) and for TT (on Steam) it's just do nothing. in SR4 where, ingame, you fond the statue, all the planet saints ones became zin statue.