Gentlemen of the Zin Empire (Trying to do it)

So, I'm gonna ask before I finish the next update, Is there a mod that you want to see in this compilation ?
So here are all mods that i wanna see:
Updated EAM
Zinyak Mech
Disable dual wield upgrades
Fixed shaundi pierce and kinzie
Shitface npc behaviour and spawn
Instead of having unlimited superpowers mod, try more super powers upgrades and ultra powers in the mod if you did it would be that much more legit.
AAAAHHHH YAY, I can see it now.
I need to work on SR4 mods, but like, really, I've been playing Starbound for a very long time .
next idea for a mod that i want to be added:first person mod (not the vehicle one)

and im waiting for sr4 version of skinballs outfit etc
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