Game save&Dynamic texture bug

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by bigbang, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. 29220325.jpg CH]
    Archive over 60 hours

    Dynamic textures do not work (FPS>31 no work)

    Dynamic texture work when FPS is limited to less than 31 (FPS≤31)

    At the same time, when the FPS≤31, the game save can accumulate time.
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  2. I been more than playing for 250 hours...
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  3. This bug is related to the game save
  4. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I'm just guessing, but the number of hours is probably stored as a 1-byte value. The maximum unsigned integer that can be stored in a byte is 255.

    I guess they never imagined anyone would be crazy enough to play Saints Row IV for over 255 hours! :D
  5. But I did it:p
  6. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    My animated textures and even hours counter is broken too. I have over 1400 hours on Steam but game save shows 205 h (always)
  7. Reduce FPS to (30/60? ). Can be timed
    I restrict FPs to 60, and texture can work.
  8. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    So... this might be why my game has been buggy the past months. Is there a way to reset this? Im close to 200 hours :rolleyes:
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