Forums Overhauled


Staff member
Today we added a ton of new categories and small improvements to the forums to make looking for, and finding mods less tedious, as well as to make some of the subforums less cluttery and easier to navigate.

The changes include:
  • Brand new section for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered on the front page
  • More sub categories for Mod Releases such as "Animations" and "Visuals & Graphics" which were only available for Saints Row IV, now for all the games
  • A new sub category "Activities & Missions"
  • New thread prefixes for the "Get Help/Troubleshooting" categories such as "Homies & NPCs" and "Vehicles" to make it clearer what problem you're having just from looking at the thread
  • New sub categories for the mod releases in the adult corner: "Character Customization & Clothing", "Visuals & Graphics", and "Other mods" to help differentiate between the many nude mods and billboard replacers for instance
  • Moved a truckload of existing threads into their new respective sub categories
With these changes there are now much less mods in the "Other mods" sub category, which used to be up to 14 pages of mods in some cases!

Upcoming changes:
  • New section for the SR2 PC patch when it eventually releases
  • New sub categories in the "Mod Requests" sections for all games
Let us know how you feel about these changes and if you have any ideas for future quality of life improvements!