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Flight Mod

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by DarkAgent, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Great little mod,thanks DarkAgent.
    It removes the annoyance when playing at 2am in the morning and reflexes are asleep :)
  2. Now that I am not limited to the amount of flaps, flying around Hades is so much more fun.
  3. it does not work for me
  4. i was able to make flying to not consume stamina a while ago i still have the tweak table that has the effect but its been a while and i dont remember exactly what i changed to make it work i wrote down some notes on what i was changing at that point but i am still unsure if it is written down or which change it is. I think it might be this that made it work (Glide_Stamina_Restore - 0 (original) changed to 1000) or maybe (Missile_stamina_drain_ms - 10000 (original) changed to 1) I also had merged the settings from this tweak table into one I already had so dont know if those 2 things are already in the tweak table posted here.

    Edit: i looked at my tweak table and noticed that my "glide_stamina_restore" is actually 9999
    and the missile_stamina_drain_ms is 10000 i wrote it confusingly
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  5. how do i will install the flight mod? tell to me step by step sir cause im newbie
  6. thank you , this is great
  7. Hola es que hable español estoy usando buen traductor donde pongo el archivo en la carpeta de los mods o en la carpeta raíz de este modo en el que el .exe
  8. En la raiz donde esta el .exe
  9. Almost Infinite. I hated Flying, was better in Combat, Blowing Stuff Up and the renamed Insurance Fraud.