Female Demon Grunts

This simple mod makes only female demon grunts spawn.
There are no female versions of the other demons, I think.

Open character.xtbl with Notepad++
Ctrl+F grunt_female
Go to the neighbouring demon_grunt, demon_grunt_limo (forgot this in v1) and demon_grunt_law entries and change their name to demon_grunt_female.
I also changed Gender from Male to Female, but not sure if that makes a difference.

Drag character.xtbl and/or weapons.xtbl into Gat Out of Hell folder with the .exe .
Have fun!



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  • Female Demon Grunts and No Lava Cannon Gibs.7z
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  • Female Demon Grunts v2.7z
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  • Female Demon Grunts v2 (Viola in limo).7z
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Added a new 7-zip version that includes both characters & weapons.xtbl (disabling gibs on the lava cannon).
I didn't like how my character just... dissapears when dying. But it's an even more minor tweak than this one so I decide to not make new thread for it.
Added a new version that changes demon_grunt_limo to be female aswell. I somehow forgot that.
The one with weapons.xtbl is the outdated one, but I still feel it doesn't deserve its own thread.

There's also a version that makes Viola be in the limo instead, because... reasons
So I tried forcing female grunt on the other NPCs, in theory, they work but shenanigans like the Dark Inciter & Winged Militia stuck in animation (standing with fists & using walking animations respectively).
Grenadiers also no longer burn on contact and get knocked down on their own grenade. It's probably fixable, but I hate them anyway.
Atleast the sniper one works as intended.

Attached here has female snipers, grenadiers along with Viola as limo passenger because I'm too lazy to change that back.
If I actually play to unlock the rest of the game like fighting legionnaires or archdukes I'll experiment with making them the female grunt, along with experimenting with size, which leads to - yes - making them giantesses, because that's someone's thing, right?
edit: i couldnt even figure out how to make size variants without the game crashing. i admit i don't have enough patience lol
I don't play a lot nowadays though.
If that's something you want to see in the future just reply to this thread. I can't read y'all's minds.


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