F.R.Z. (Free Roam Zombies) v0.8 (Spawn REAL Zombies in Freeroam)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by nclok1405, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I'm sorry for triple post, but I've released v0.6.
    Please be aware that this mod now modifies the shop data (shops_sr2_city.cts and shops_sr2_city.xtbl) to make room for more navpoints and triggers.

    Finally, and FINALLY, the zombies have voices!

    Let me explain how I enabled the zombie voice...

    Turns out, the zombie voice was controlled by a system named "Persona". (No relations to the famous game series, probably)

    We can get a character's Persona by using a function named character_get_persona(character_name), and can change a character's persona by using character_set_persona(character_name, persona_name).

    I wanted to know what persona the zombies in Zombie Uprising has, so I modded my Sandbox++'s command 373 (on_take_damage) so when I take damage from someone the game displays the attacker's persona. The callback code of on_take_damage looked like this:
    Code (Text):

    function spp_on_take_damage(victim, attacker, hp, explosion)
        if attacker ~= nil then
    I went to Zombie Uprising, enabled the modified command 373, got punched by a zombie, and I got a message "SP_M_ZOMBIE1".
    I added a character_set_persona(npc, "SP_M_ZOMBIE1") command to F.R.Z. and my zombies now groan!

    Some other Zombie Uprising zombies had a "SP_M_ZOMBIE2" persona, but strangely the "M" part did not change for female zombies. The "F" variants do exist in the game, but seems unused. This mod does make use of "F" variant for female zombies, but I don't know how much differences the "F" variants have.
  2. are you planning on adding the special zombies like the headless and charred bomb ones?
  3. Headless zombie can technically be spawned, but he is normal-sized and can be headshotted despite having no head, so no.
    The Zombomb, I have no idea. I guess the game hardcodes everything about him: his speed, his size, his explosive temper... yeah no, sorry.
  4. You can increase his size btw but it has to be done in his actual npc file. The headless zombie and explosive zombie piggy back off the generic zombie npc files I can't recall there names right now

    The game calls somwhere for the generic zombies to spawn which take on the little and big headless zombie. The generic zombie npc files are where there sizd is stored but for the open world you have to manually edit there size in there actual npc files.
  5. FRZ v0.7 released. The big zombies are now available. He can rape you unlike in Zombie Uprising, but otherwise he works as intended.
    Thanks for the info! I edited "npc_ZombMale_C_cha.xtbl" to make him 1.4 times bigger.
  6. I keep crashing when I go to the gang customization in the Saints HQ. It always crashes at some point. If I try to change a style, it will change, but if I quit out, it will crash. If I try to go tot he vehicle section, it also crashes. It's random, but it will always crash at the customization section. Tested around 5 times
  7. Even without FRZ mod I have experienced many customization-related crashes randomly. Sorry, but this is the game's bug, and my mod cannot prevent most of them.
  8. Figured I'd report it just in case. Though I know the game is prone to random crashings, I've never had consistent crashes in that part of the game prior to installing this mod. It sounds like something in this mod is not liking the Gang Customization menu. I've had crashes there before, but never this consistent.
  9. I released v0.8 which pauses all zombie spawning when the player is near a crib/gang/surgeon/clothing triggers. Not sure if it really helps.
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  10. I got around it by blowing up every single NPC in the hideout. Now I'm experiencing a new problem. The zombies randomly stop spawning. I was trying to just run and gun down a street, but after a minute or so, they stopped spawning and the normal NPCs spawned at the normal rate. I tried going to new districts and driving all around to trigger more spawns, but it seemingly shut down. Happened twice so far and the first time I fixed it by loading a save. Any ideas?

    Also, is it possible to up their aggro? The zombies seem to ignore me unless I shoot one and then only that individual one will shamble towards me while the horde it was in will ignore or swarm a dead zombie to eat.

    Still love the mod though, great job
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