Extra rims

I noticed a few rims on randomly spawned cars that had rims on them that I couldn't buy. I don't like them showing me nice toys but not letting me play with them.

I tracked down where the rims are defined and how the game controls what the player can buy.
Rims are defined in externalized_vehicle_components.xtbl
To be able to be bought, these have to be included in one of the groups in vehicle_wheel_groups.xtbl

I've attached the updated vehicle_wheel_groups.xtbl which includes all rims that are defined in externalized_vehicle_components.xtbl.

Screenshot of some of them...
SR3 Extra Rims.png

To install, just put it in your root SR3 directory.


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Carpe Noctem

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I love this mod. I first noticed the Raycaster spawning with unique Asanti "pinwheel" rims on occasion. I used to drive for long minutes ramming into any Raycaster I spotted just to check out its rims to track down that elusive set. After that Kinzie provided a Saints Criminal during a mission which had gold Asanti rims in a style I could not buy at Rim Jobs. I later noticed this exact set also on the Decker Solars, except in chrome. Soon after I observed what I'm going to call "disco ball" style rims on certain Taxis and Cosmos. I checked into it and noted that vehicle entries on the Saints Row Wiki are always mentioning some having rims that aren't available through Vehicle Customization. I had no idea there were 19 rims though.

The only method I was using to acquire them before was to seek out and jack the cars with the unique rims and then customize everything else while leaving those untouched in my Garage. Now I don't have to do that anymore. It's great to have more options for rims because I like to give each of my cars a different set to better complement the style. The only thing I noticed is on larger vehicles with big tires, some of the choices have blank empty squares in the centers (as if missing a texture or an obscured vid or some error) when you fit them and it shows this both in the Garage and in the world. I'm not sure why this is because they work on the normal sized tires.

If I replay I will fit some vehicles and make note of what specific cars and rim styles have the issue. I don't think the original creator is active anymore, but maybe some of us can determine what is happening. For now I just skip over those rim styles on larger tires since everything else is fine.
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Looks like your mod works in the Remaster as well. Asanti was since replaced with ATTLIA Rims, but still cool, none the less.
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