Extended Extras + (Cribs, Radios, Sandbox +, Interiors)

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  1. My game currently no longer works anyways here are the mods

    Extended Extras +
    1. 7 new cribs

    2. Most stores have radio switches to change store radio stations.

    3. Teleports to most hidden interiors (besides 1 or 2)
    - Also comes with a custom Sandbox + with alot of new teleports and goodies!
    - Also has teleports for underground Ghost interiors (must be in a Gyro or ufo)

    4. This mod is not complete!!!!!! (Most likely won't be)

    I originally started this project AWHILE back before a interior mod was released, So enjoy or don't

    This mod has bugs so refer to the bug docs, also use this mod on a gamesave YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT. When replacing files if asked to replace a file, yes do so.

    I don't have the time to record or fix my saints row 2 atm to finish this project so enjoy!
    I am a dad now to my newborn son and he is more important than this game, i'll still be around it'll just be awhile before I touch down on this game again, I think nclok1405 and MasakoTeam got it from here

    Heres a mega link (site was taking to long to upload): https://mega.nz/#!I81k2QhT!QlNkuFX3wvHHVK0_OTwvNAvGT0-DuQ6qAJU17XDKAPQ
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  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Sign me up, I'm interested. I'd look forward to it.
    I installed them both together just for Zombie radio and they seem to work properly, though. Are there any side effects I'm unaware of?
  3. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Zombie Uprising also plays flawlessly with both mods at once, although maybe it's because I use Zombie Uprising at the Mall optional mod from GoTR.
    Would be nice if you put a radio switch there too, by the way, just in case.
  4. It could of been one of my old test mods that got in the way of this. I will update post next update. Also yeah I should be able to add a radio trigger to the mall I'll try finding it when I get home.
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  5. The mod has been updated to v1.0.1 which adds a mall radio changer to the doors of "Get Your Grove On" store straight across from "Sinful Harem" dummy stores. With that said I have also added more info in the actual post and screenshots of locations.
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  6. Just a update to anybody interested (I have not updated the post or anything) this is just a heads up. I am about 90% complete. I just have to add custom radios to where I see fit.
    I also have to add radios to cribs that do not have a radio. Im also adding radios to certain interior places that seem fit to have a radio. I have also found a good bit of hidden interiors I didn't even know existed. So I took the liberty of adding elevators/teleporters to go to these fancy new places. This project should be finished within a day or 2, that's if I don't run into any issues. Also with this mod you can not enter Posidons Palace casino. Idk why but game crashes when entering here (it has to do with radio changers), and there is no fix. I didn't even edit any sound or radios located in or around that place. But if i remove 30 random radio changers (any radio aka random radio), you stop crashing upon entering here, but due to how this project is I will leave this place as a off limits no enter area. Also with this mod and it's current stage, onfootradio will no longer be side by side compatible with this mod. I do plan on making a compatible version (however I don't see the use) but I will for those that want it, the only reason I see a need for a compatible version is for the hidden interiors. The compatible version when made will be updated to this post, and one file will be edited on the onfootradio thread. I'll explain more later.
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  7. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Can't wait! Also, it'd be awesome if you released hidden interior prompts separately so they could be used with On Foot Radio but without breaking Poseidon's Palace interior, I'd go for that.
  8. That's actually what I've been thinking about doing. Iv also had plans to extend to have even more cribs. I was thinking about renaming the whole mod to extended extras +. In a way that its similar to nova spe crib stuff and easycruiser mod crib extras. Of course re coding it all myself from scratch that way it doenst deal with permisson issues lol. And that way its more like a AIO mod that combines easycrusier crib extras and nova spe crib extras with my own little twist. But I'll finish the radio triggers for now and start on my other plans afterwards. Also with that said it will be gotr compatible but of course this mod would not be compatible with easycrusier or nova spe. This project is just getting bigger and bigger lol. And I still have to touch up some things on my open world z mod. However on foot radio will most likely stay where its at because I've tried the best I can with that mod.
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  9. As expected I have ran into some issues. It seems I have reached the warp zone limit. In other words the elevator/teleporter limit. If I add anymore the game crashes, and this is not a error in code I have troubleshooted and re-coded and same thing happens the game crashes. So I have been studying idolninjas sandbox lua code, and the playasacop mod lua code (play as a cop never got finished) anyways I have studied the code for the last 2 hours trying to find a bypass for teleporting issues, Yeah I could just add code to sandbox + to just teleport into hidden interiors but what fun would that be? You would be stuck in that location unless you use another code to teleport elsewhere. After the last 2 hours of studying I have managed to make a lua code that used the execute lua trigger to create a custom teleporter to bypass warp zone crashing. Now let's just hope after I add 2 more custom coded teleporters the game doesnt crash. If not then we have our bypass for that set back. Also this new method will take use of sandbox + so it will be included, I only used it because the file I needed to use was sr2_city.lua, that way sandbox + stays compatible with this. Now i'm off to do hours of work on the rest of the interiors. I will also release my source code for custom teleporters, not like any one would need it, but if you self code and mod sr2 like I do, and if you use warp zone triggers for custom teleporters, you might eventually run into a crash issue as I have. I'm pushing this game to it's limits it seems lol.
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  10. Upon further testing ( i don't mean to spam my own topic i'm just giving updates). It wasnt a warp zone trigger issue (it was cool to learn how to make custom teleporters though without the need of a warp zone trigger) It seems I have actually reached the games trigger limit. When I add any new trigger of any kind the game crashes. So i'm gonna go through the game files and try to remove triggers that wont affect gameplay, i might actually end up removing activity triggers, anyways I will see how far i can get without a game crash. I'm so mad right now...

    EDIT: I ended up removing all stunt jumps from the game. (this allowed for 80 extra triggers), however I will still need to free up some more triggers for when I get to adding more crib extras and more cribs. I can't remove cd's due to a cd group issue i'm having, i'll try to work it out though.
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