Epic Games vs Steam?

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  1. That's sadly true. Protection of one's personal information is more so an illusion rather than a reality. Can we really say it wasn't like this in the past? It's issues like this that tend to drive me away from wanting to use online services. Unfortunately, we're just too dependant upon them in this day and age. It's why I'd rather not have everything linked up together.

    All you can ever do is go on and hope your details are never leaked or snatched.
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    Saints Row IV store page.
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  3. Same thing going down on Reddit too:
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    On the bright side, Metro Exodus will retail for $50 on the Epic store vs. $60 on Steam. So, at least they're passing savings on to the customer, instead of keeping it all for themselves.
    You have a very good point there.
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  5. Steam in the current state is decaying service. Only 200 games per year got some money and most of them are AAA\ multiplayer, 200th position gives you around 150k $. It's a joke if you make a game not by yourself. Few thousand games per year get less revenue than some students on a part-time job. Most of "games" here is a stolen asset flips, cards generator etc. So it was a matter of time when the new store will appear.

    I understand hysteria on the internet but it doesn't change anything. Steam is a very ill and archaic marketplace that kill undie dev and force them to move to other platforms like Switch, Xbox, PS4... and Epic Store
  6. Everyone hates change when it tooks them out of their comfort zone. PC is not my main gaming platform so i wont complain nor have much to add, but face it, Steam has NOTHING different nor special to offer anymore. And just like henry said, archaic marketplace that just not helps indie devs and only the biggest games get the most revenue.

    And what i hate the most is that all the games are connected to steam somehow, in my case, having steam always on consumes resources from my pc that i rather spend in the actual game, sad that i need to have both on in order to play.
  7. I have all my friends on Steam, when I started playing Overwatch I had to add them on Battlenet again but they had different names there because the accounts were older. I was stupid enough to buy GTAV in retail which I then couldn't register on Steam but instead had to use that buggy Rockstar Social Club to launch and update the game (at like 30kb/s because their servers couldn't handle the launch on PC) and had to add everyone on there again to play online. Then you have different user interfaces on every launcher with some options that I'm used to from Steam unavailable. Stuff like Blizzard allowing you to change your name only once (unless you pay them 10 bucks :)), almost no account customization with only pre-selected profile pictures from their games and the fact that I have to switch to a different region to talk to NA friends but then have to switch back to EU to talk to EU friends.
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    Goodbye Rocket League
    What do you think about that? A 4 year old game moves to Epic.
  10. Never was interested in it but now I'm especially not interested
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