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Entire computer crash during second cutscene

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Cheesesteak, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    If underclocking your GPU fixes it, I'd be suspecting a hardware issue rather than a software one.
  2. That's what I'm worried about too. That said I'm having a really hard time proving anything here because I've been searching high and low for stress testers and other such programs that can get my GPU to crash in the same way that Saints Row 4 does and I can't find one; I don't know how to prove that it's my GPU causing the problem, and not the game. If my GPU truly is faulty, I simply don't feel like RMAing or replacing it just to play one game.

    I guess the only thing someone with this problem can do for the time being is just to enable the underclock for Saints Row 4 and return it to stock settings or your usual overclock when it's time to play every other game.
  3. Well I can tell you that the crashing has to do with some left over garbage from either AMD or old framework or steam changing up install locations. Perhaps not so specific, but I can tell you from personal experience that it is not SR4. I went 3 days aggravated not getting past the initial cut scene with Cyrus. I decided to make sure it wasnt from old data from whatever source but I have the same general setup as the OP and others with the total crash issue. Both monitors sleep and sound loops until power cycle. So I installed the game on my secondary win7 install that I only use for music and DAW stuff. When I installed it there the game has played without a single crash or glitch. Same clocks and same drivers latest beta amd. Core i7 OC'd 3.8. Crossfire Vapor-x radeon hd 7850s both overclocked. I installed reinstalled game drivers directx all trouble shooting steps. Game still crashes even today after updates on main OS and still plays perfect on my alternate one. The only change is I've never installed games or codecs or any other things but music software. I'm not telling you to dual boot just for one game but I am saying don't waste your time testing your ram BIOS clock speeds video cards any hardware related things. I am leaning towards either messed up permissions from having steam installed before the install process changed or from some old saints row 3 mods or registry entries. Hope this helps without utter depression.
  4. Hi there I Had a similar issue with the game (game crashed on cutscenes). It was not as bad as to crash entire machine but the problem might be similar or even the same. I found that the problem is tied to Bink Video Cutscenes. Go to Games video folder, cut them out and paste them somewhere else. Then play the game and see if it crashes again. It helped me out since the game is running smoothly (no video in cutscenes tho)
  5. And yet is now 2018 and the game STILL hasn't been fixed. Myself and many other people are still having this complete crash problem. He definitely wasnt being a dick, the consumer had a right to a working product when they've paid for something and when 5 years later the problem still hasn't been solved, Volition hasn't been doing their job despite your protective attitude of them.