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Editing Spawn Info Ranks and Notoriety Spawns

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by ImpulseOfSword2007, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. How do you change the weapons that police, Ultor, and gangs spawn with WITHOUT crashing the game on startup?? I know that changing the weapons in Notoriety Spawns doesn't do anything but you can change what vehicle they drive, max amount of passengers, and NPC count though. I tried editing the Spawn Info Ranks to give pimps the Gold GDHC.50, Pimp Cane, and GAL-43, all the gangs a wider variety of weapons, and FBI agents a mix of AR-40 XTND's, Tombstone Shotguns and NR44's. I want to also give Ultor Masako AR-50 XMAC's and AS-14 Hammers. Please take a look.

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