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Restoring SR1 Spliff, Pipe, Bong, Gin n' Juice, Cognac, and Bubbly

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by ImpulseOfSword2007, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Looking through drugs.xtbl I noticed that Spliff, Pipe, Bong, Gin n' Juice, Cognac, and Bubbly are in the game's files but aren't used in during gameplay meaning the only things you could buy at liquor stores and nightclubs are 40oz's and blunts, making these stores boring and pointless. So what I did was try to modify drugs.xtbl, items_3d.xtbl, preload.tbl, and all the bitmap files so that they could be restored in normal gameplay while being GOTR compatible for my Combat Overhaul Mod update, but now the game crashes when loading. Can someone take a look at my files and help me fix it for my next update?
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  2. Here are the files

    Attached Files:

  3. They are only mentioned in the game their textures are not in the game I don't think and that's why your game crashes.
  4. I know for sure that the smesh and peg files exist in the game's files and the bitmaps for the hud also exist in the ui peg.
  5. Have you checked the drugs.xtbl file to see if they are "Enabled" or do you know how to enable them?
  6. I use the Volition Table File Editor, as I opened the drugs.xtbl file I noticed some drugs were disabled, this is how I enabled them:

    Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg
  7. One more thing I forgot to mention, make sure all the files you see in the screenshots must be in the same folder as drugs.xtbl file is in or the Volition Table File Editor will throw up an error. I would put all required files in a temporary folder. The files you need are the drugs.xtbl, items_3d.xtbl, item_text.xtbl and the bitmap_sheets.xtbl all in the same folder when you use the Volition Table File Editor.

    Link to download the Volition Table Editor:
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  8. does it work for SRTT and SRIV too with the table editor?
  9. It was originally made for SRTT, but it also works with SR2, and SRIV. It's included as part of Kinzie's Toy Box.
    You can download Kinzie's Toy Box right here
  10. So it's working now? I haven't had the chance to download everything