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  1. This is a version of my similar mod for SR4, except in SR3 format. For those who don't know/care, this mod changes the activities for the whole city, either doubling the time given for a challenge, or reducing the cash required by half. In some cases that doesn't apply, like the trafficking or escort missions. In the case of trafficking, the car you're guarding has double the normal health. In the case of escort, the points needed are halved and the footage before failure is doubled. You'll still find there's the same number of those 'do a stunt' or 'go to this location' points.

    It's mainly for people who can get close but need that extra edge for the activities, particularly the hard ones. Particularly cyber trail blazing hard. It must be a cyber thing because they're like the rifts in SR4. Fuck that bike and half-pipe.



    Easy. First, open the archive (you'll need 7zip, if you don't have it, why not? It's free! Get it from here!) After that, extract all the files inside to the SRTT root directory (steam\steamapps\common\srtt). That's it. Just make sure you put them all in, there's 59 files total (57 str2_pc files, 1 stream_grid.asm_pc file, and 1 readme file (this one). If you have to overwrite any files however you might have a mild issue, where at least one of the files already has been modded, so you might have to update the asm_pc file on your own.



    Almost as easy as installation. Just go in and delete all _a_*_modal.str2_pc files, as well as the stream_grid.asm_pc file. Your save game won't care if you remove the mod after doing activities, they'll still be complete and the hood yours.



    This mod should be compatible with most other mods... provided (and this is a big caveat) they don't touch the stream_grid.asm_pc file. There are a lot of things that one handles, including missions, some locational data, the activites, and so on, so it's possible there will be conflicts. In that case you'll have to use gibbed's SR3 tools to update the asm file. Otherwise it should be ok, excepting when your mod breaks even vanilla activities somehow. This one won't help that.



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  2. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard

    As a side note for the Trail Blazing activity.. I found out that it's way way easier if you just give it about half throttle then turn on cruise control.

    That way you have full concentration on steering and time to react to what's coming up.

    Made it a lot easier for me.
  3. I don't have a gamepad. I'm sure there IS a way to do half-throttle on a keyboard but I don't know how.

    In fact, it's probably part of why I had such trouble, because a tap of the keyboard is like steering by jamming the wheel briefly to the far end. I had to tweak the timing so I could manage, the others I sort of managed but on gold I kept spinning out and ending up backwards in the pipes because a tap of the steering put me sideways somehow.

    Regardless, this mod was requested, so here it is. (It also drops the penalty for hitting fire in the cyber-blazing to 1s from 2, but that's a side-note)
  4. I never had any problem with the cyber blazin, and I almost always use kbam.
  5. I've never had problems with Cyber Blazing. Cleared them all on the first tries without any mods or cheats. It's normal Trail Blazing that is much more difficult....
  6. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard

    I use KBAM exclusively.
    When you use Cruise Control, it locks the speed at whatever it was when you hit it.
    Just press the button for CC (Default is CTRL I think) when you're at about half max speed.

    But yea, I know it was a request, just giving options for those that are having similar issues but might not want to install a mod.
  7. Fair enough.

    It also doubles the time of trail blazing, and the time given by person/car. So it should be a fair bit easier, though not so easy you can take your time and ignore the course, particularly on hard.

    (You know, the whole time since I first got the game to now, and I didn't know there WAS a cruise control?!)
  8. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard

    Hehe. I think I hit it on accident and thought.. Cool!
  9. Hi, I'd like to use this mod with the Gentlemen of Steelport mod, but I think there may be a conflict between the stream_grid.asm_pc files - GoS has a module that offers the ability to replay missions. Is there any way I can use the two mods together? Can I amalgamate the changes from this mod and that?
  10. I haven't tested, but I think when building GoS, you can drop the files from my mod into the MY_CUSTOM_SR3_MODS folder, and when you build the game it'll automatically update the asm file when you build the pack.
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