E3 Spawns v0.2

E3 Spawns v0.2
Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU
Download: e3spawns_v0.2.7z

v0.2 replaced Genki Manapult with a Titan to prevent that!

=== Screenshots ===
e3_gatmobile.png e3_vtol.png
e3_deckersword.png e3_apocafist.png e3_satchel.png

This mod originally spawned a Genki Manapult but it's been replaced with a Titan to comply with rules. This is how Manapult looked like:

=== Desciption ===
This mod spawns the following objects to New Baranec upon loading a saved game.

* Gat Mobile
* Genki Manapult Titan
* F-69 VTOL

* Nocturne (the Decker Sword)
* Apoca-Fist
* Satchel Charge

Hidden in the "Always Loaded" (AWLD) Zone File there exists an unused script group called "E3 Spawns". I think these objects were used for E3 demo (as the group name suggests) or by Volition developers for testing (all 6 objects are fairly unique weapons).

In the case you're wondering, no, Saints Row IV doesn't have a similar script group.

"Can you spawn different objects"? Well yes, in fact I replaced Genki Manapult with a Titan to prevent free access to a DLC vehicle. This is only possible with modifying the zone files (*.czh_pc and *.czn_pc files), which could increase the risk of crash and significantly adds complexity (need changing various *.asm_pc files)

=== Installation ===
Copy "sr3_city.lua", "module_e3.lua", "awld_compact.str2_pc", and "stream_grid.asm_pc" to SRTT's directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third)

If you are currently using another sr3_city.lua mod, follow these instructions:
  1. Copy "module_e3.lua" to your SRTT directory BUT NOT "sr3_city.lua"
  2. Open your sr3_city.lua with a text editor
  3. Insert the following line at the top of the file:
  4. Search the line that contains "function sr3_city_main()"
  5. Insert the following line next to the "function sr3_city_main()":
  6. Save sr3_city.lua and hope it works!

This mod modifies the "stream_grid.asm_pc" file which makes it incompatible by default with most mods.
To make this mod usable with other mods, you need to update the asm_pc files after installing this mod.

Download VIPER'S UPDATED ASM UPDATER and copy the ASM_Updater folder (including the folder itself!) to SRTT directory. This download includes all required tools by Gibbed.
Then, inside the ASM_Updater folder, launch "Update_ASM_Files - after ADDITION or CHANGE of a mod file.bat".

=== Do you want the original Genki Manapult version? ===
I can maybe send you a copy of v0.1 (Genki Manapult version) if you send me a private message with a proof that you legally own the Genki Manapult vehicle on Saints Row: The Third for PC, or Saints Row The Third Remastered for PC.
Send me screenshot(s) that prove your ownership of Manapult from any of the following places (you may crop or censor any sensitive information):

Steam (SRTT Classic):
* FUNTIME! DLC store page (If you've pre-ordered the game you should already own this DLC), or
* SRTT property dialog's DLC tab in Steam client

Steam (SRTT Remastered):
* SRTTR's page in Steam Client
* SRTTR's store page

GOG (SRTT Classic or Remastered):
* SRTT(R)'s page in GOG Galaxy client, or
* GOG's SRTT store page (with the "Buy as a gift" button), or
* GOG's SRTTR store page (with the "Buy as a gift" button), or
* Your GOG account's "Games" section

Epic (note I cannot guarantee any compatibility with Remastered):
* SRTTR's page in Epic Launcher, or
* SRTTR's store page (with the "In Library" button)

Discord (discontinued):
* Discord client's purchased games list, or any other proof that you've bought SRTT from Discord Store

Humble Bundle:
* Humble's DRM-Free version is a Standard Edition without any DLCs. You must activate your Steam key (comes with the DRM-Free copy) and buy FUNTIME DLC from there.
* If you bought "The Full Package" edition from Humble, refer to the Steam section above.
* If you bought "Remastered" from Humble, refer to the Epic section above.

=== Changelog ===
v0.2 (October 29, 2020)
* Replaced Genki Manapult with a Titan to prevent easy access to a DLC vehicle

v0.1 (October 29, 2020)
* Initial Release


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since, We can't make "new" object spawn, only "teleport" not spawning vehicles like genki vehicle by a key.

i wonder if the groups names and objects names taken from tweak table so I can try to add or modify name of the homies used in missions and vehicles to either add or replace fancy vehicles.

E3 don't have any used npcs for sure for kind of events.

EDit: nevermind, for Genki car and other dlcs espically in remastered that lua work pretty the same too,
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Man, I think this will spawn the Genki vehicle for people who do not own the DLC, granting access in a way or another to something they do not own...
I will summon an admin to clarify this for me, I mean no offense to you :confused:
I removed the mod file since it gives access to a DLC vehicle. And even though it can't be stored in the garage by people who don't own it, it's reliably obtainable with the fixed spawn. Feel free to upload a version without the Genki Manapult, until then this thread will remain im the Mods in progress section.
Oh s***!! I thought Genki Manapult won't spawn or the game will crash when the required DLC is missing. I'm sorry about this.
Creating a version without Genki Manapult is difficult because doing that needs modifying zone files, which is a complex process.
Hiding Genki Manapult from Lua script is easily possible, but at the same time, it can easily be circumvented by simple 1-line removal.

So nope. Please lock this topic.(maybe not yet?) The mod was simple that it can be recreated by sufficiently experienced modders anyway... If I create a zone-file modded version, it'll likely be a separate topic (maybe I'll reuse this topic), due to different and longer installation instructions would be needed.
I just wanted to document that a cut vehicles/items group called "E3 Spawns" exists.

EDIT: I've created an experimental v0.2 version that replaces Genki Manapult with a Titan (both have same internal name length) and renames the script group to "ModSpawns". The mod won't work correctly (only markers will appear) if the awld files (awld_compact.str2_pc and stream_grid.asm_pc) are missing (which means no easy access to Manapult). Is this acceptable?

EDIT2: No one seems against the Titan version, so I updated the first post with detailed v0.2 info and installation instructions.
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