Direct Store Menu Access addon for Sandbox+ (NOW WITH TEXT DOCUMENT VERSION OF HOTKEYS IN ZIP FILE)

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  1. This addon for Sandbox+ lets you enter directly to the store menus by pressing corresponding hotkey.

    Download the zip file and put sr3_city.lua file to Saints Row: The Third's Root Directory (Where SaintsRowTheThird.exe and SaintsRowTheThird_DX11.exe files are here)

    Now there's a text document version of hotkeys, which is included with zip file. You can read this .txt file if you forgot about hotkeys.


    4 + Left Bracket - Activate Crib Menu
    4 + Right Bracket - Activate Let's Pretend Menu (Does not contain any Let's Pretend Clothes and Suits! Only Planet Saints Clothes and Suits are available)
    4 + Semicolon - Activate Rusty's Needle Menu
    6 + Down Arrow - Activate Friendly Fire Menu
    6 + Up Arrow - Activate Character Creation Menu (WARNING! You will lose your current character and also your outfits in wardrobe and you can't exit from it! So i recommend to use My Steelport emulator and backup by uploading your current character before activating character Creation Menu!)

    If you have problems comment below.

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  2. good!
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