Default Body & Normal_Map are not the same

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by ShinyBoy45, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. I've being wondering this for almost two years since I begging to texture edit on deep on Saints Row The Third and up to Gat Outta Hell, but, why the Default Body texture are different than the Normal_Map?


    I even give a shot using NinjaRipper for see if the Normal_Map was a secondary 3D model with different UV Map, which end in being exactly the same.

    So, the game change the UV map of the Boss for adjust both Default & Normal_Map?
  2. The boss model has two sets of UVs, one for the diffuse and the other for the normal map. The normal maps changes depending on the build you pick (muscle, skinny, fat, default) compared to the color skin which theres only one in the game files. I assume they are both active at the same time in game, but they are independent from each other because theres more than one normal map.
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  3. Body builds are always active independently from what build is selected since it's possible to make abs show up on skinny bodies for example.
  4. 2 by 1? No wonder even NinjaRipper couldn't get a right extract...

    Well, guess I will stick with the scars edit I made years ago, thanks.
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