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Discussion in 'Animations' started by daspex, May 24, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    This mod will make the Followers 1-3 play some Pole/Table dance animations.
    Also the Player will play all the Pole/Table dance animations i could find so far.
    With this mod you can make cool screenshots of your Player and Followers.
    It´ll be work in vehicles also as planes and buildings and with slew mode cam
    aktivated you can play the animations too.
    Next version will include a few more animations.
    Now Characters unequip Weapons before playing the animations and reequip at the end.
    1.Select Character with Arrow Keys
    Arrow Up=Crib Sip Females and Males
    Arrow Dn=Follower1-3,Local Player
    2.Select Animations
    PGDN=Cycles through Animations one by one on multiple Key Pressing for selection.
    Left Arrow=Start playing selection as loop.Second button push stops animation.
    PGUP=Plays all Animations one by one in one turn.
    Home,End,Del,Right Bracket,Left Bracket=Playing serveral single Animations
    Right Arrow=InGame Helpscreen.
    Comma=Hotkey for @Henry08 's Haarp Controler equip if installed.
    Version 1.5 got forward/backward selection of animations.(PGUP/PGDN) and playing all
    animations is set to button 5.
    Just copy the downloaded file into your games mod folder start game and play.
    Have fun! :)
    Selection Buttons changed.
    Auto unequip Weapons while character selection
    Added females from crib ship selectable.
    Added Crib Ship Males to selection.
    Fixed unequipped Items in last version.
    @Henry08 for help with getting rid of some Items.
    @Henry08 for help with coding the stuff i wanted to have.
    @Henry08 for explaining how to use the functions i needed.
    @[V] IdolNinja for the sandbox+ and all it's cool stuff.
    @Fan of Saints for his Sandbox+ version and the crib mod.
    SaintsRowIV 2018-06-26 07-00-46.png

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  2. love it ganna try it out in a min
  3. Nice, how you move Kinzie?
  4. I didn't moved her it's the yoga idle animation i started while she's standing in front of the pillow chair.
  5. This is great, good jerb.
    If I could make a suggestion/request it would be the following:
    1: Hotkeys to scroll forward and backwards in the animation list without playing the animation ->#2.
    2: Keys to play selected animation once and/or toggle looping on/off.
    3: A stop key; to stop the animation.
  6. Thanks,I think your suggestions should be possible to be added to the mod.
    I thaught about something already.The thing is i just started learning lua scripting
    and first i have to figure out how to code that.:)
    But in future versions this will be added if possible.For now im working on a combined infopanel + animation mod and this version will be a test for forward backward selections
    to me.o_O:confused::)
  7. Some feedback, I suggest moving the helpscreen away from the S button, it puts away weapons whenever you press it and during playtime that gets a little annoying. :)
  8. Ok.Thanks for the feedback.I'll put it on the right arrow button then.
  9. Changed Helpscreen button to Right Arrow.:)
  10. Animation Loop added.
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