Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by o.j saint, May 23, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone...
    I was thinking..... Is it possible to add an awesome compliment move like the DAB!
    Actually it would be so cool
    And imagine if you do it with "look at my dab" phrase!!!
    Here's some pictures... (weird pictures) o_O

    images (6).jpeg
    2018-05-23 01.19.24.jpg
    2018-05-23 01.20.33.jpg

    If it possible I want it in SRTT and SRIV
  2. I uhh.. don't want to
  3. Don't want to......??
    I just can't believe there's someone hates DAB!!! o_O
  4. yea i think it's more of a taunt than a compliment but hey - your request. tho i dont think it's possible to add a voice clip aswell?
  5. I don't know but if it's not possible to add voice clip... It's OK never mind all I wanna see is the move ( Dab I mean )
  6. it might be possible to create a taunt like that but probably a no for the voice clip
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  7. Cool for me :)
  8. Just curious, wtf is a dab anyway? It sounds stupid.
  9. Actually it's not.
    It's really cool.. Badass move.. You know.
    You just give it a try and I assure you that, you will definitely love it :D
  10. Got a video to share with someone doing the DAB?
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