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  1. This program will speed up the process for customizing the game's radio songs by Toad King (here is the original).

    What you have to do is simply extract the rar in your sr3 game directory and open the program in the radio editor folder and for more instructions read the README.txt file.

    If someone is interested to have the source code i've made it in Python V3.0 so to see the source code you have to download the python version and open it with a python colpiler(if you are on linux simply open it with the default text editor)

    Heres the files:
    ------------------Exe file version-----------------------------------------Python file version--------------------------
    -------------(simply open the .exe )-------------------(you will need to install Python on your computer)-------

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  2. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    Can you please upload the files here (in your post)?
  3. Sure, here they are
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  4. so i can't seem to get your program to work i'm not sure if i've gotten something wrong at some point
  5. Anyway you could make this so it would run in Linux? The Saints Row games all run native (the Third runs better than it ever did in Windows, far far far fewer crashes).
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