Correct Decals

Correct Decals (Mod).

I corrected all parameters in the decal_info.xtbl file,
and now all the decals in the game looks as it must.
Now is very interesting to play!


Now all the decals will permanently stay, (blood trails, bullets holes and etc) disappears only if the player left the current hood (location).
P.S. Decals will disappears from the last object, if the game engine will load too much decals.
Now the Player can see broken (by bullets) windows on the car, skid mark and so on.
And now items will not shimmer anymore. (Weapons, money).

How to install:

Just drag the file decal_info.xtbl from the archive to the Saints Row The Third folder.

How to uninstall:

Just delete this file in the Saints Row The Third folder:

P.S. This mod not working with other mods if they replace this file.



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11/10 -IGN
could you tell me how to please
No. Because this required some time to remember.. And I developing unofficial patch and I'm busy, and now I go to sleep..;) Sorry.
P.S. Try to ask IdolNinja to help.