SOLVED Controller lags SRTT Remastered to the point of unplayability

So I like playing most games with a controller, the enhanced xbox one wireless controller to be exact, and especially games like Saints Row and GTA. Ever since launch week if I recall, I've been experiencing an issue that makes the game lags so horribly, it makes the game unplayable on a controller. I tried running the game without my borderless windowed programs (Special K, Borderless Gaming, etc), I tried using x360ce instead of the game's controller input, and idk what else to do other than play with mouse and keyboard instead but that's my absolute last resort. Original SRTT works completely fine with a controller and doesn't have any issues at all with any of my controllers. So far as I have seen, no one else but me is having this problem.

I would like to know if anyone else here (on PC) is, or was if someone somehow managed to fix this issue, having this issue occur to you too and I certainly would like to know how to fix it if it can't be fixed in our hands so to speak. I'm so tired of this having issue occur nearly always when I play this damn game with a controller... :(

(This was originally posted from r/SaintsRow over on Reddit btw but for some unexplained reason, my posts keep getting deleted the millisecond they're posted and my karma changes to 0 too)

EDIT: I forgot this existed. :eek: So thanks to the email I got from deep sliver support, I managed to fix this by re adding my controller. Also the only admin on r/SaintsRow got back to me and told me the subreddit has a karma limit thingy. Somehow it glitched me out.
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