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cm_lbdyvidchecker 9, 10, and 35?

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by XxLOLSaintLOLxX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. I Have these strange pants in Planet Zin. And if I hover over them my game crashes.[​IMG]
  2. Those are test pants though I'm not sure why they're crashing your game (I have them in the Inauguration Station but not in the main game so maybe they crash there.) I'm assuming you have a modified customization_items.xtbl in your main Saints Row 4 folder. You could try opening that with Notepad++ or whatever program you have and removing the entire <Customization_Item> </Customization_Item> for the 3 items with cm_lbdy_vidchecker in their name. Backup the customization_items.xtbl before editing it in case you mess up. The game will immediately crash on startup if you leave a line of text or remove one from a different item that you didn't mean to remove.
  3. Thing is there are more Vid_checkers there than in-game. Do i delete those or just 9, 10, and 35?
  4. I'd just delete the ones that are causing you problems. When you remove 9, 10, and 35 they'll no longer show up in the store menu so you won't accidentally hover over them.