Clothes with super abilities

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by MantraDay, Mar 10, 2019.


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  1. Translated with Google:
    1. How to add an item of clothing or equipment!?
    2. What file is responsible for this!?
    3. For example, 1 Suit may have a special property!?
    4. Something like this can someone come up with something more interesting!? What would he give 1 or properties!
    Morningstar, Luchadores, Dekkers, S. T. A. G. and other costumes
    5. Increase the author, increase protection, fire protection, and other abilities,
    6. Of particular interest are the visual effects of another type, the visual barrier is created at speed.

    Tipo created a suit of fire and run everything on fire (and you can make many such different suits! The game will become even more interesting)

    Who understands this?
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