character is blurry when seen up close from the front


bought this game on Steam in the summer sales and began tinkering with the great mods that can be found here.

There is this thing that I find pretty annoying. Even without any mods, when I turn the camera around to look at the character from the front, if the camera gets too near, the character becomes blurry. And this situation gets worse if I use the FOV mod from the Gentlemen of Steeelport Compilation. Is there anything to remedy this?

Turn off post-processing? I think that's responsible for DOF (Depth of Field), but I think you'd also sacrifice some of the other PP stuff; like HDR, etc.

There may be a way to change DOF in some .xtbl somewhere, but I don't know that.
Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I tried changing a few settings in display.ini but it had no effect on getting rid of the blur.

For now, I solved my problem by choosing to use Directx 9 when the game starts.