Changing How Forced Missions Work

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Captain Obvious, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. The game takes control away from you at three points in the game and forces you into a main mission once you've built up enough wrath. One of the main problems with this is that EVERYTHING builds wrath. I started a new game, went through the short forced tutorial, did one quest (Gear Up, the one that introduces the gun shops), and then went around collecting commentaries. I wanted to play through the whole game as Kinzie, so I was grabbing all of Gat's commentaries to get that challenge and the challenge for playing as Gat for 2 hours out of the way. I grabbed 21 of the commentaries, and as I was going for number 22, I was interrupted with the first main mission. Apparently running around talking to myself got Satan really angry. I didn't even have any of the attack powers yet, just some guns. I shouldn't be forced into a major mission before I've even really done anything.

    I can think of two ways to fix this. The first would be to stop the game from forcing you into the mission when you've built up the wrath meter. Instead, once you reach the point where the mission would trigger, it instead gets added to the Quest Log in the HUB, and it can be started like any other mission. Activate it in the quest hub, and when you exit the menu, you get the phone call/cutscene that leads into the mission. As for excess wrath built up while the mission is waiting in the Log, I was thinking it could accumulate in the background, and then once you've completed the mission, the accumulated wrath is added to the meter up to the next mission trigger point. Alternatively, it could keep getting added to the meter, but if the next mission trigger is reached, that mission won't show up in the Quest Log until the previous mission is completed.

    If changing the mission structure like that isn't possible, the other solution I came up with would be to change what builds up the wrath meter. Currently, every action builds up the meter. I was thinking this should be changed so that the meter is only increased by Allegiances (Charge Halo, Gear Up, etc.), Activities (Hellblazing, Fraud, etc.), Diversions (Barnstorming, Altars, Rambulance, etc.), and maybe the combat-focused Challenges if the other stuff doesn't provide enough wrath. Loyalty missions also fall under Allegiances, but they consist of completing different Activities and Diversions, so they'll contribute to the meter that way. This way, Satan isn't getting pissed because you're doing innocent stuff like driving in a car or collecting commentaries and audio logs. Collecting Clusters however, could still increase the meter, since making yourself stronger is something that actually would anger Satan.
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