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Change save location?

Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by FusionH2o, May 14, 2017.

  1. Is there a way to change the save location for SR2 instead of using the AppData folders?
  2. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    I think I've searched for that for a while now. The only thing that came close was creating symlinks but that bothered me to hell since the data is still linked from the appdata to whatever location you choosed.

    So that's something I would really like to see answered c:
  3. I agree too. I'm not that good at creating symlinks :(
  4. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    I'm not good either but there is a program that do that in 2 clicks; it's called "steam mover" . It's super easy to use and it doesn't need any installation
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  5. Going to check it out, thanks!
  6. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    No problem!