Change Female Pain Voice - Extension for Sandbox+

This mod requires Sandbox+.​

For SRTTR, I installed it from F13's compilation pack, which requires the Lua Script Patch linked in that post.
Once you get to the point where you can use normal Sandbox+ keybinds, then you can install this, replacing sr3_city.lua.

"Just the pain voice?"​

That's right, just the pain voices. There are no voices for taunt, etc... Now you can truly pretend you're Viola with that goofy Canoness outfit!
There's an option to pick a mute player voice aswell, if you'd want that.
Personally, I wanted this mod ever since I first touched SRTT. Will this break missions? Very likely. I didn't try it.

"Why is there no male voices version?"​

I like girl in red too much. Sorry to disappoint

Get a text editor like Notepad++, Notepad may have issues.
Search for the stuff with double quotations
Open sr3_city.lua with it and copy/merge these:

Variables can be found at line ~700
"reina3's stuff"

Below that, the code is contained inside the function "change_player_voice(VoiceType)"

Keybinds are around line 3770 "change_player_voice("PLAYERFEMALE")"

Yes there are duplicates. No, I don't think I can scientifically find out which ones.
Keybinds can be changed, see bottom of Merging Instructions.

7 + DELETE - User Favourite (edit sr3_city.lua; see below post)
7 + RIGHT - 5 Strippers, 8 Hos
7 + RIGHT - [Gangs & Misc] 3 Saints_Fan, 3 Morningstar, Decker Sp., 4 STAG, Mascot_Lets_Pretend, Tough, 2 Guidette, 2 Elderly, 2 Bum
7 + LEFT - Middle_AF to Middle_WF (20 total)
7 + RIGHT - Young_AF to Young_WF (19 total)
7 + RBRACKET - Shaundi, Kinzie, Viola, the 3 Genki Girls, Tammy Tolliver, Kwilanna, Space Brutina
7 + LBRACKET - Muted voice (Saints_AF), Female 1, 2, 3

This is actually my first attempt at programming in Lua. If you see areas for improvement, feel free to tell!
I used character_definitions.xtbl as a reference for used voices, but may have missed some.
Hopefully there will be a "change voice on game load" update, I don't know how to do it yet but the mod is pretty clunky without it.
Making SR4 version should be straightforward, but my game keeps crashing whenever I try to add multiple voices. I can't figure this out.

IdolNinja, mrtukleton, Admixion, BadMadScientist, some other people I forgot for Sandbox+
THPSX for this post that started my Lua frenzy (disclaimer - I have no idea why they were banned, btw)
My specific friends that are very supportive of this intrest
You! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the mod.


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I am lazy, and cannot be bothered to properly learn Lua just for this mod.
So, in this update you get an easy way to quickly select your favourite voice:

Open sr3_city.lua and edit "STAG_AF" in the example to the ID you want, the quotations must be there. STAG_AF is a dangerous voice anyway, you should really change it.
They are displayed when you are using the rest of the mod (Decker_WF_01, Shaundi, PAK1_Angry_Tiger ...), or you can look inside audio_banks.xtbl with something like Table File Editor from Kinzie's Toolbox or BoJan's Table Editor (unsorted...), keep in mind to remove voc_ prefix.
Obviously you can select voices I didn't include like Gat, Pierce, Killbane etc - a majority of them don't have pain voices though, and will have no effect.
Case sensitive!~

Once done, save. If you did it correctly, press 7 + Delete to activate.