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Can someone post a 100% saved game for Saints Row 4?

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Wardellic, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. I use to have SR4 for the ps3, but I recently got rid of my ps3 and simply don't wish to have to complete everything again.
  2. I have one for PC...
  3. I have 100% save game (including ETD and HTSSC dlcs completed) and I can give it to you if you want it.
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  4. Do you own the game on steam? If you do I can easily send mine but else it needs some tinkering (short and easy process no worries), so say if you own it on steam or not.
    I have a %96 one with loads of cars and money.
  5. @P610, can you upload your 100% save with all DLC missions completed here so I and others can download it? I'm using the latest one from the @IdolNinja's 100% complete savegames from his autosave collection but his save have completed only ETD (Enter The Dominatrix DLC) missions, but NOT the HTSSC (How The Saints Save Christmas) DLC ones! So I'm have everything else unlocked, but I still do NOT have available the homies and the weapons from How The Saints Save Christmas DLC unlocked in my game!

    Thanks you! :)
  6. Here you go. (includes Gat out of Hell 100% save file as well)

    Attached Files:

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  7. Thanks you! I tried and I love it, the only problem is this it's set to Hardcore difficulty but, hey, I can just change difficulty from options and save it. :)

    One request: can you upload separate saves with every storyline mission (including DLC missions) completed in the new Worshop savegame format and uploaded here as stable download, like @IdolNinja did with his saves? :oops: Because Mediafire links are usually temporary and they becomes dead after while...