Bug: Descriptions don't update correctly

Sup Knobby,
I found a little cosmetic bug today while toying with build 572233. Under certain conditions the weapon skin descriptions displayed in stores don't show the right strings.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:
example (2).jpg example (3).jpg example (1).jpg
The correct description of the "All-American" skin would be "Combining two great pastimes: baseball AND violence!"

Step by step guide on how to reproduce this bug

1) Enter a weapon store and select "BUY/UPGRADE WEAPONS".
step 1.jpg
2) Now choose any weapon that comes with alternative skins, e.g. the baseball bat.
step 2.jpg > step 3.jpg
3) Enter the upgrade menu and select "CUSTOMIZE". Note how the description below says "Big-League Basher", which is the correct string for the default baseball bat skin.
step 4.jpg
4) Select a different skin. Before confirming your selection the description uses the right string.
step 5.jpg
5) Confirm your selection. You'll see that the description changed back to the string of your original skin, in this case the default one.
step 6.jpg
6) [OPTIONAL] If you didn't have the bug after step 5, try to hover over one of the upgrade buttons, forcing the description to update and hover back over the "CUSTOMIZE" button.
optional.jpg > step optional.jpg > step 6.jpg
Based on what I'm seeing in the code, it looks like the description is only for the costume and is pulled from the costume's inventory item description. It also looks like this would happen with the retail version as well. Do you see this in retail?