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this tutorial will show you how to create your BOSS for whored mode.
I divided this tutorial in two part.
you can find an example of this method here

1 Part --> you'll learn how to create your BOSS for Whored Mode
2 Part --> you'll learn how to customize your outfits

tools will you need:

Gibbed tools


before start you will need to unpack misc_table.vpp_pc; after that, find these following files.



will only use the first 3 files, the others contains information about the hair, skin and outfits.

1-PART Character.

1-step -> Key information.
if you want to use your BOSS , you will need every detail about how you've created it. to do this you must PLAY THE GAME, go to Image As Designed and take some screenshot.


2-step -> editing player_creation.xtbl with SRTTXtblEditor

once you've collected your key information, you will work with SRTTXtblEditor.
this tool makes the process much easier and faster.
open this tool and then open player_creation.xtbl
now expand:

- root -> Table

as you can see in this image, there are "options" like Morph_Set: Body, Morph_Set: Eyes, Morph_Set: Jaw


let's start with body.

- Morph_Set: Body -> Morph_infos.

now you should see options like Morph_infos: body gender or Morph_infos: old.
continue expanding the following options

Morph_infos: body skinny -> Initial Value


you must to change this "Initial Value" with the value of your BOSS.
the values are between 0 and 1 (1 means 100%). if you've chosen something like 25, replace it with ".25"

now you continue expanding the other "options" and replaces these "Initial Values" with your BOSS Values.
once you've finished with Morph_infos: body skinny continiue with the other things like Morph_Set: Eyes .
its very simple, just expand:

"Morph_Set: xxx" -> "Morph_infos : xxx" -> Initial Value.

and the change the value. do it with every feature of your BOSS.

when you've finished, save your file.

2-step -> editing player_presets.xtbl

now you have a little experience on the tool, so I'll be more explicit.
open player_presets.xtbl and expand

root -> table

you will see all races of your BOSS.
expand whatever race your BOSS is, in my case I've chosen "female_white"

if you want your BOSS use any specific hairstyle, haircolor or skin, you must change these values.

Question - where do I get the information about hair, skin ?

Answer - They are in customization_items.xtbl, player_creation_hair_color.xtbl, player_creation_skin_colors.xtbl

find the value of your skin, hair or anything you want and replace it with your preferences.
do not forget it. save your file

3-step - placing your character in whored mode
this is the final step, in this you'll replace any character with your BOSS.

open horde_mode.xtbl and expand:

root -> table -> Horde_Mode:Horde_Mode -> Player_Characters

now you should see a list of all character.
In this tutorial we'll change "Super"

Player_Characters: Super -> Customization

now you can see gender,race,figure,persona.
replace with your custom values.
in my case I've chosen

gender: female
race: white
figure: averange
persona: player_wf (BOSS's voice)

here a list of voices

Male voice 1 = Player_WM
Male voice 2 = Player_BM
Male voice 3 = Player_WMA

Female voice 1 = Player_WF
Female voice 2 = Player_BF
Female voice 3 = Player_HF

save your file.

2 PART - Outfit

this part is quite easy; there are various ways to change oufits but I didn't find them all.
so I'll show you the easy way.
let's start with Cyril. this character use an outfit and is very easy to costumize

root -> table -> Horde_Mode:Horde_Mode -> Player_Character:Cyril -> Customization

as you can see the last option is "Outfit"

Outfit=Nobody Loves Me Male A

you must change this value with the outfit you want. If you want to play naked with this one, just delete the entire line manually.
the list of outfits is in customization_outfits.xtbl



other character uses differents "suits".
now we'll continue with Bobert

root -> table -> Horde_Mode:Horde_Mode -> Player_Character:Bobert -> Customization_items

you should see 2 "Customization_items"
expand them

Customization_items -> Customization_item -> cm_lpg_mask_m_maskdog

Customization_items -> Customization_item -> cm_lpg_suit_m_animalsuit

this character uses 2 "Customization suits", one for his head, one for his body; now you can change those values.
the information about "suits" is available in customization_items.xtbl,
you can also can change the color of the suits expanding "Custome_Colors".

once finished, save your file.

once you have finished, place horde_mode.xtbl, player_creation.xtbl, player_presets.xtbl where sr3launcher is.

play the game and find your boss in Whored mode.

if you have done something wrong the game won't load, or even worst it'll crash

you can find an example of this method here


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