Bloodsucker Pack Port (Guide)

What I did was edit the unlockables.xtbl with notepad++, so I added your code and the code I posted here before. The code I posted is part of the SRTT unlockables.xtbl. After editing I saved the unlockables.xtbl in utf-8 format. The Bloodsucker Pack Port is working for me.
didn't Voliation said they don't mind fans porting DLC as long as its not sold in that game?

its kind of their fault not to include it.
The website you linked literally doesn't even work, it just says "Selected file is not a directory, please try again.". And it's not happening only to me, but also to a friend I asked to try. Can't you just upload the file? I can't find any way to extract vpps anymore. None of the old tools seem to work at all and just give me error messages.
Yeah. There is zero way to get this because the only unpacker for Remastered is a shitty browser project that was abandoned pretty much immediately and doesn't even work anymore. Someone please upload the extracted file... Using the original game's file works but it softlocks the game while upgrading anything.