Black With Red Bits gun collection

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Mottainai, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. I was think either the black that most guns are, but on second thought, that seems kinda boring.
    Maybe a dark gray or dark white?
  2. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer Pirate

    Plz make a mod compatable with sr iv love the guns thx
  3. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer Pirate

    This mod is awesom i just bought srtt tonight and first thing i did was put this in and i love it. guns look realistic and the colors are great. i will watch for any updates to this but awesome work:)
  4. Nice job there i think they look amazing!
  5. I love this mod and i love how the weapons look! I wish there was a SR4 version of this mod but the original creator hasn't been seen since 2015, so that might not be a possibility unless if someone else takes up the mantle. I'm not gonna try to attempt it because i could take forever trying to do it. I don't think i will make a mod request of this anytime but i will when i can. :)
  6. Thanx for this mod. I love Black with Red.
  7. How about instead of red, make it purple? is it possible?
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