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  1. Now i don't know about anyone else but i think my favorite part about saints row 4 is the superbeatdowns the female player performs. The way the character throws them in the air and kicks them then comes down with the heel and stabs them is just cool as hell to watch. Now everyone swears up and down superpowers are not possible in saints row the third yet there is a mod that even idol ninja was trying to help with that created super speed using the sr3 city.lua alone adding 2 simple lines. So i started doing some investigating and went a different direction. Now if any other person on this forum has ever looked the preload animations for saints row 4 look almost identical to the ones from srtt side by side. The meelee.xtbl are almost identical except the superbeatdowns in saints row 4 are just combinations from the original moves from srtt. So i have been looking into this and brainstorming for a while and realized the character doesn't need superpowers to perform the animations of the super beatdowns just enough speed. Now the superpowers mod kind of defeats the purpose of what i'm trying to do because the character just pushes things out of the way or simply kicks them out of the way and can't react fast enough. Also the superpower mod is based on a dlc that not everyone has. So i started playing with the tweak table.xtbl. I have been able to get the character to run faster than cars and respond faster while sprinting. I am working on setting the animations to be the same as the beatdowns in sr4 or atleast a similar action. Now i don't know about anyone else but the sprinting attacks in srtt suck and i honestly think if i can make this work it would be the greatest mod saints row the third has ever seen. I personaly still love the interface and realistic storyline of saints row the third and am a hardcore fan of it. I have spent my entire time i have been here with the many friends i have found making the game and weapons and city more enjoyable for everyone and am determined to get this to work. So your asking where is my progress? This is my tweak table.xtbl that will make the character run faster than cars and jump high enough to jump over a car or suv. I am working with the preload animations and meelee.xtbl file to work out the animations. Any suggestions or comments are surely welcome. At this point just simply place the file in your main directory and have fun.

    Almost forgot, it also makes the player swim extremly fast!

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    I truly love what you're trying to do, man. Awesome beat-downs are something Saints Row The Third can benefit from. And I hope that other gamers from the Saints Row community also give it a try. Truly, great work, and I'm going to give this a try, because I too love Saints Row The Third and play all the time. In fact, I'm playing it right now, and I personally think its story telling was pretty amazing. It far better than Saints Row IV's story telling, which is completely unoriginal.
  3. How to merge this with other mods?
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