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Autosplitter/Loadless timer for LiveSplit (speedrunning)

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Mr. Mary, May 3, 2018.

  1. Hey. My name is Mr. Mary. I come from Saints Row speedrunning community.
    I've come here to ask you guys if you could help us out a bit.

    You see, right now we're using real time to measure our times. But given the inconsistent nature of all the SR games, and the fact that some people tend to have longer loading times based only on their storage medium, a "loadless" timer would be preferred.
    One could say the in-game time method is sufficient, but it has multiple drawbacks:
    • it only counts hours and minutes (lack of visible measurement of seconds)
    • it ONLY runs when playing the game (not having control/cutscenes/menuing is not timed)
    So a perfect solution would either to write an autosplitter for LiveSplit (scriptable external timer of sorts), or to modify the in-game timer to not only show seconds, but also time anything but loads. IMO the first option would be better, because IGT wouldn't count time in between crashes.

    Second thing that we would want is an autosplitter.
    External timers, like LiveSplit, come with a splitting function - meaning that you can time segments of a speedrun. Right now if someone decides to utilize splits, they have to split manually.
    An automatic splitter that would split when a mission is passed (quest complete/results screen) and when the final speedrun finish condition is met (e.g. triggering the credits) would make the timing way more accurate. Thing is, this can't be done by just modding the game - since this method is based on the external splitter, it has to be scripted externally.

    If any of these is not up your alley, you can help us out with memory addresses! We need addresses that are altered by events such as passing a mission, loading stuff etc.

    If anyone decides to pick up this task, here's a documentation of the format used by LiveSplit - ASL https://github.com/LiveSplit/LiveSplit/blob/master/Documentation/Auto-Splitters.md

    If you'd like to contact us, or are interested in speedrunning, feel free to drop into our Discord server! https://discord.gg/4Kz8vqZ
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