AoM Activity in 2021?

Despite this game leaving a bad taste in the mouths of those expecting far too much, I love it, mainly because I'm a sucker for "Special Agent Aesthetics", Crackdown, Just Cause, James Bond kind of stuff, silky Italian suits, weaponized vehicles, code names, Morse, you get it. But other reasons include it's addicting combat, colorful and lushes city, top tier arcade driving physics and stunts, agent car designs, and it's library of fun characters reminiscent of TF2.
I was playing yesterday and found that at least two people were operating in a contract and it left me to wonder, does anyone else still touch this game to this day that isn't playing it for the first time? Do you ever slap it in your console or boot it up on your pc? Do you find nostalgia from playing it from way back when? Your general opinions on the game are very much welcomed.