Any 100% savegame for AoM?

Someone playing Agents of Mayhem to have 100% completed savegame for PC? I have looked at Google but there's only one from August 2017 hawever:
1. It's still 95% and while all missions are completed, almost all contracts tied to specific agents are still NOT passed, and many of them I cannot really complete because they appears to requires high level difficulty and can be completed ONLY by a hardcore players, although I'm playing only easier difficulty and therefore I cannot complete those;
2. For some reason that savegame also doesn't have majority of the agents' skins unlocked (there is only one skin available for each agent, although I have checked only Fortune and Scheherazade so far), also none of the DLC agents is unlocked except Gat!

I haven't found so far any other PC save at all, there was one another actually 100% completed savgame but it is for the Playstation 4 console version, NOT for the PC version sadly.

Can @Admixon (seems he's playing this game), @Quantum or someone else to upload any PC saves including a 100% save for PC version of Agents of Mayhem with all missions contracts and objectives completed? Seriously, across entire Internet all downloads still contains only that older 95% PC save with almost NONE of the contracts completed and almost all skins stills NOT unlocked, and nothing else available...:mad::(

Please, I purchased the game yesterday through Steam and I have also DLC agents Lazarus and Saveword in my account as well. Seriously, I really need an actual 100% completed save for this game with DLC agents completed as well. Help!
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