Adding the game to Steam library


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EGS is lacking a screenshot option? You just want to have the game on Steam? You tried to add the game to Steam library but there's an error when you try to launch the game? Not a problem. Here's a tutorial that may help you.

1. Open Epic Games Launcher and head to Library
If you already have the desktop shortcut skip to 4.

2. Press the 3 dots and go to Manage

3. Create a desktop shortcut

4. Close Epic Games Launcher

5. Open Steam and press ADD A GAME (it's in down left corner)

6. Add Epic Games Launcher from the list or press browse and go to your Epic Games Launcher install directory

7. Press Add Selected Programs

8. Go to your desktop and find the shortcut you created

9. Right click on it and select last option (propteries but it can have a different name in your language)

10. Select second tab and leave it (don't close it). Go back to your Steam library

11. Right click on Epic Game Launcher and go to Properties

12. In Launch Options add "-" symbol then go to the shortcut propteries and copy everything from URL and paste to Launch Options

10. Close shortcut properties and Steam properties and that's all

11. Launch the game from Steam library. If you added it correctly you'll see Steam prompt while launching the game

Important info!

You can rename Epic Games Launcher in Steam propteries to Saints Row 2022 or Saints Row BF or anything you want

If you close the game and you'll see the app is still running in the library you need to manualy close Epic Games Launcher
Just something to add, while I was able to add the game to Steam and launch it with no issue using this guide, I wasn't getting the overlay to work properly at first. If you are having a similar issue, make sure to run Steam as an administrator. Doing the same with EGS may be necessary as well, but Steam was definitely the part holding me back here.
I thought this game hasn't released yet ?

I'm waiting on a site to release an Epic game key to me but says i have to wait until it releases.
a lot of the tutorials i've seen online have similar steps. but since SR (2022) has its own launcher the overlay doesn't pop up.

anyone know of a way to work around this? or is it just flat out impossible for now?