[Abandoned - See thread/post #11] [ALPHA Release] SR2 Improved Audio

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Sorry about abandoning this project, but I feel like I should leave some reasoning, and formally mark it as abandoned.

* The audio quality of the non-cutscene files is simply too low to reencode anything worthwhile out of. Not for lack of trying, but trying to resample ~20khz audio just results in muddy garbage & unfortunately the cutscenes seem to be the only 44.1 native files.

* There were issues with playback of shorter files in the game like NPC barks, like getting cut off or double/triple playing. There are probably issues with the cutscene audio too, but because the files are significantly longer (each cutscene has 6 audio files; the whole scene with each voice option in one giant go) they weren't as obvious.

* The way I was reencoding audio cleaned up things in the human vocal range, but trashed things like engine noise and gunshots.

* There are deeper problems with the audio playback, like the aforementioned stereo issue.

* The increased size of the audiobanks was causing a marked decrease in game stability, resulting in crashes so often finishing missions became a challenge, while arguably being worse due to the above mentioned issues.


And finally, I think the GoG version did something to make the audio a bit cleaner. I personally stopped using the files in the OP or any of the private indev versions I had. It's still not as good as the XBox version but it's not as horrific as I remember the steam version being. I should do a side by side comparison with the Steam version if I ever get it to run again without crashing almost immediately.
I was "um-ing and ah-ing" about installing this mod. Thanks for clarifying these issues. Someone had to have a go at fixing this, so thank you for doing your best.
I have played both Steam and GoG versions and I don't remember noticing any discearnable difference in the audio when switching over to the GoG version. From what I understand, the only difference between the two is the FPS cap.
I know the GoG release is large address aware out of the box and AFAIK also missing whatever encryption was used on the Steam exe (that also prevents you from setting the LAA flag on the Steam version) which makes it remarkably more stable, especially at high resolutions. Funnily enough the framerate cap didn't work for me on the GoG version, I had to apply it externally.
I won't lie, I had to look up LAA. I thought I was experiencing fewer crashes after switching, but thought I was imagining things. (I should add I've never played on PC without GotR).
I had to use nclock1405's GoG FPS Unlocker and found the sweet spot for the FPS cap to be 53 without causing issues in Cutscenes. (I later found I could force Vsync instead so I could run at 60 with only occasional minor CS issues).

Thanks for the explanation! I too would be interested in hearing a comparison between the two versions (if you can get your game running).
Very sad to see this be marked as abandoned but understandable nonetheless. What you've released is already an absolute blessing and more than I ever expected this port to receive. It's made the PC port at least *somewhat* bearable as without this the game gives me an almost immediate headache that'll evolve into a migraine if I kept playing.

Again, very much appreciate all the hard work you put into this and thank you for allowing me to relive my childhood somewhat giving me the ability to play this game again. Maybe one day we'll get the fabled "pc patch" that'll fully fix the PC patch's issues, most notably the audio issues... (ᵘⁿˡᶦᵏᵉˡʸ ᵇᵘᵗ ʰᵒᵖᵉᶠᵘˡˡʸ)