A new Enemy in Town

I just hope the falz thug green guys with the pistols gets fixed.
Oddly I can't find out why they aren't fighting back.
I feel like I'm close to fixing it but so far no luck.

P.s I'm new to modding.
hi. so this mod continue im testing phase ?

i think to use it but i dont know what is the problems of this mod.

Good idea 8 Gangs in Steelport (But 5 to Hate Syndicate)
I loved it but, is this a part of mod or not that the caracter is near the crosshair, i feel disturbed by that can you help with that. (Sorry english is not my main)
The version of this mod available for people to download on the forums has been quite a mess, to say the least.
So after so many years I'm putting in hours to update it.

It's a complete new iteration that shifts focus from adding gangs upon gangs despite them all being Neutral Gang, to improving your main enemy, the Syndicate, while padding spawns out with a few gangs. These additive gangs play a minor role, but are still plenty elaborate. They do have their own gang vehicles, to example.

The Syndicate gets a big upgrade in their presentation to the world. Their voice lines always say they are with too many for our puny little Saints gang. Well, now they actually do at times spawn in huge numbers. From level 2 notoriety on they spawn almost with no break.

The Syndicate also get a little glass cannon style helper for all 3 gangs that I tend to call Dolls. Basically they're scanty clad female characters that cannot be taken for human shields, do not receive extra damage from headshots, and have a substantial increase in damage output.

This post will mainly focus on the Syndicate and what has changed. I hope you're not afraid of reading essays!


First off; the Morningstar. The female gang grunts have been replaced with fitting male gang grunts, and the usual female gang grunts have been converted to Dolls.

Their carpark has also been expanded with the Peacemaker, the Torch and the Sovereign. The cars do not guaranteed spawn with their gang decal anymore, and some of them might glow.

During lower levels of notoriety they spawn in the 2 seater cars Torch and Sovereign.
With level 3 notoriety this changes to make them spawn with the 4 seater vehicles, they also send in air support armed with either snipers or rifles, but snipers are more likely as the sniper is their staple specialist.
Level 4 notoriety introduces the chance of brutes and attack choppers. The Morningstar attack choppers have been changed a little.
During level 5 notoriety they go all out on you, literally doubling down on the usage of brutes and also introducing APCs.


The Deckers also have received a fair upgrade. Their cars always used to have 2 types of blue underglow neon, so I integrated that into the gang's overall design a bit more. Therefore, Deckers can now spawn sporting Cyan and Dark Blue colors.

Their car park also got an expansion. As such, they can spawn on bikes like the Kenshin and the Kaneda. They also get a variant in the Go! and Wakazashi. Just like with the Morningstar, they do not show up with their decal guaranteed, spawn with a fair variety in parts, and can have their trim glow.

They can spawn Dolls, but don't do this as often, because their rollerblader is already quite powerful (and they're probably closet simping the Genki Girls).

During lower levels of notoriety they spawn on bikes and in Go! cars.
During level 3 they spawn in Wakazashis and Solars. Some Solars can have a rollerblader specialist like in vanilla. They can also spawn with air support, but unlike the Morningstar, the air support only has rifles.
Level 4 notoriety changes the spawn table up again, abandoning the cars for their usual Kayak SUVs and pickup trucks spawning brutes. This notoriety level also introduces a different kind of air support in the shape of a Blackhawk dropping some enemies and a specialist off at the nearest intersection.
During level 5 they do away with the Blackhawks in favour of APCs.


Whew, that's a wall of screenshots.
The Luchadores have gotten the biggest expansion of all. I wanted to give the Luchadores 2 different kind of phases/faces.
At face value they now mostly look like well civilized beings, wearing suits and driving luxury cars. Although the usual buffed up Luchadore also blends in here and there. As an insurance of some sort. They can spawn Dolls, too.

During level 2 notoriety they do come after you in their luxury cars and wearing suits.

From level 3 onwards, they spawn with as the normal buffed up goons everyone is used to from the vanilla game. They can spawn in Alaskan SUVs or Compensator trucks. They also have air support in the form of a heli armed with 2 rocket/grenade launchers. Their staple specialist also can spawn at this level.
During level 4 it escalates further. Away with the civilian heli and say hello to the attack chopper. Their vehicle rotation has also changed to Hummers and spawn brutes.
At level 5 they escalate even further. Not only do they get rid of the brutes, but also of the attack choppers. Instead, they now spawn with Hummers, turret-mounted Humvees and tanks. I guess the find their attack choppers too flimsy or something. They're also doubling down on specialists btw and I am considering for them to even triple down on it.

Considering the game's spawn system is not the smartest, it can quite easily turn into World of Tanks at this level (3? 4? if you're lucky, you might see 5!).

So there's the first bit of changes for what the Syndicate will throw at the New Enemy in Town. I hope to get a recording or some done at some point, to give a better idea.
Stay tuned for more!
Post 2 with the hope of giving a decent update on the progress.

Aside from the enemy gang, the Saints have also seen changes.

The Saints will finally spawn in the open world with their own car! Not at the expense of mission vehicles, like in older builds. Both Saints vehicles spawning in missions and vehicles spawning in the open world are actually Saints vehicles! The car list has also been expanded:
-Bulldog (With Luchadores sticker colored purple and the star removed)
-Bulldog (Turret variant)
I haven't added the Mule (the mover truck that's featured in Convoy Decoy). It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to add that, despite having a cyber bike in the vehicle list.
... I might add it to the list along with some more vehicles, but not immediately, because all Saints vehicles, much like the other gangs' vehicles, spawn with a variety of parts now! All of them.
For Saints cars I have 3 possibly color configurations:
-Saints cars using the vanilla config with the car being all purple, gold/white gold trim and golden rims.
-Saints cars using a styling more similar to the Syndicate. The main color being black or deep dark purple, with purple accents, purple metal trim, and either purple metal or golden rims. No glowing trim though, unlike the Syndicate.
-Saints cars using an SR4 sort of color configuration, with the base body being pearl white, with purple accents, purple trim and purple rims.
Lieutenant vehicles are changed accordingly where applicable. I'm trying to keep a consistent theme here!

Knobby has always warned me that using Fully_Customizable uses a lot of memory. The effects are unknown, but the game handles it pretty well honestly.

Half to 2/3 of all variants use Fully_Customizable after I put my hands on it, and I'm not noticing any major game breaking flaws. I noticed that during notoriety, some cars might spawn with only 1 NPC in it, but that's also because I drastically reduced the spawn interval of each notoriety level and increased spawn caps of cars and NPCs across the board.

The status quo of Steelport will go lengths to ensure it stays that way. If they have to rain hell on you and flood you with people, they will.

Oh yeah, the Saints Lieutenants also have each their own car.
-Pierce drives up to you in his own Infuego, styled differently than your average Saints Infuego.
-Shaundi drives up to you in her Hammer. Also styled differently than your average Saints variant.
-After Johnny was presumed dead, the Saints gave his Sovereign to Kinzie. A bit of a shame she doesn't wash the car.
-Viola has made the Temptress her own this time. The car can at times have some dirt on it however.
-Angel still drives a Neuron, although it has been altered with different components.
-Zimos has a choice! He can spawn in his lowrider Churchill, or he can spawn in a Zimos!

And it doesn't end with the base game gang!
I intend to make a variant for the DLC homies too!
-Angry Tiger gets a Kaneda.
-Sexy Kitten gets a Vortex.
-Sad Panda gets a Torch.
And since these Genki Girls hold a special place to in terms of design (those leg warmers and paw gloves are the best, I still wish we would get those in subsequent games), their vehicles will have a colour scheme befitting their character design!
-Tammy Tolliver will get an Atlantica specially made for her.
-CheapyD arrives in a Keystone.
-Kwilanna will arrive riding a Kenshin styled to fit her looks.

Further homies I might have missed I'll have to look into. Oleg for example might get his own Criminal to arrive with.

Pics will come later.
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That new enemy is you.


It may not seem like it at a quick glance, but Steelport is a battleground, and the Syndicate is not the only one reigning there. Actually, there are a whole lot of gangs all making big profit and building their empire in their own way.

The biggest player in the gang wars, next to the Syndicate, is the Asterion Family:

View attachment 15519 View attachment 15520 View attachment 15521 View attachment 15522 View attachment 15523 View attachment 15524 View attachment 15525 View attachment 15526 View attachment 15527 View attachment 15528

Dressed in yellow, driving only luxury cars, these cunning guys are making plenty of deals downtown with both the Syndicate and the civilians. Amongst businessmen and corporations they're also known as the Asterion Group.
May one party not agree, they'll make sure they will. All that while sabotaging the Luchadores' casino practices. They also like to hang around Ashwood; Technically Legal is their favorite place to spend the evening when they're not doing their usual thing. They won't be allied with the Saints. Yet, despite the business deals, neither are they allied with the Syndicate.

Then there is By Invitation Only:

View attachment 15530 View attachment 15531 View attachment 15532 View attachment 15539 View attachment 15537 View attachment 15538

Driving nothing but sports cars and exotics, these rich kids make their bank by stealing confiscated contraband at the airport, and distribute it over Henry Steel Mills. They don't have nearly as much turf as the Asterion Family, but they do make a reasonable profit.

Next to that, we have the enemy of Asterion, the Falz Thugs:

View attachment 15509 View attachment 15510 View attachment 15511 View attachment 15512 View attachment 15513 View attachment 15514 View attachment 15515 View attachment 15517

Riding sports bikes and driving tuner cars, solely colored green, the Thugs of Falz make their bank selling drugs to the already poor people down the suburbs. On top of that, they like to sabotage the Deckers. Not by hacking them, but by plainly shooting their hardware.

You might start to think they have a deathwish as gang, being the weakest, youngest, and having the 2 leading gangs as your enemy. But in Steelport, no gang is allied. Only the gangs of the Syndicate, yet again the Syndicate is just one gang.

Anyways, here's the next gang, the Blue Bloods:

View attachment 15551 View attachment 15552 View attachment 15554 View attachment 15556 View attachment 15557 View attachment 15558 View attachment 15560 View attachment 15562 View attachment 15563 View attachment 15564 View attachment 15565 View attachment 15566

They're blue, and they drive big ass trucks. They're a minor player in the gang wars, and they do not really mind it. Their income comes from exploiting the hard workers down the industrial areas. They're set to be more on the defense, rather than on the offense, like the Falz Thugs.

And then there's one more gang, America's Royalty:

View attachment 15541 View attachment 15542 View attachment 15543 View attachment 15544 View attachment 15545 View attachment 15546 View attachment 15547

Nothing but old hot rod muscle cars. Colored in white with a gold trim. They involve themselves in the gang wars by sabotaging the morningstars' prostitution practices. They also don't like Zimos. Their name vaguely implies a joke in some way, even though it was not intended by the time I was thinking of it.

Now about Steelport:

People visit Steelport mainly for business (and for 'Feel Boss'). They land at the airport of this relatively small but thriving city, and from there they mainly go straight towards downtown for their business appointments made with usually fellow businessmen, the Asterion Group and the Syndicate.

A lot of these businesspeople like to smuggle contraband into the city, just to get that extra money in their pockets, but once they're caught red-handed with contraband, they'll most likely see their confiscated goods a couple of days later in the hands of By Invitation Only. That is, if they do not land in jail...

As such, those filthy, greedy rich people in their big gas guzzling luxury cars can mainly be found downtown and at the airport.

Meanwhile in the slumps, young thugs are killing each other day in day out over filthy drugs or prostitution. Such a waste of Steelport's youth... Many are unaffiliated in gang violence, except the Falz Thugs and America's Royalty.

The industry seems to be wealthy. 'Seems' is exactly the right word. While the Blue Blooded gang looks like they're working just as hard as your every day construction worker cough cough so not working at all cough cough, they actually mainly extort those every day construction workers.

The law enforcement is also split into 4:
- Steelport Police; the roam just about everywhere. Cause of the increasing gang violence and death count, they started to carry rifles rather than shotguns and pistols.
- Air Steelport; set up to stop the massive amounts of smuggling, these cops are carrying the heaviest of artillery. Sometimes you can see them spawning in tactical gear.
- Steelport Downtown; they're, as it says, only patrolling the downtown areas. As the downtown area appears to be less violent than everywhere else, they stick to the conventional police weaponry. If they only knew better...

But all of this can go ignored by the New Enemy in Town, as your main focus of Steelport is the Syndicate. Once they're dealt with, it's time to look at the other colors.


...so yeah, this mod adds 5 gangs to this game to make freeroaming less boring. Next to that I spent quite some time reworking the spawns completely. New groups and different ways of distributing NPCs, so the luxury cars mainly spawn in the wealthier parts of the city, and the rough, rusty beater cars spawn in the suburbs.

I also took the privilege to get the dirt and dust off cars that shouldn't be that dirty. Cars like the Infuego, Hammer and Attrazione come to mind.
I also swapped variant ID0 with the variant ID of the Saints, whichever car it's applicable on, so Saints spawn in cars they should be spawning in.

I used quite some Fully_Customizable models when cruching and packing vehicle variants, but sofar I have not encountered stability issues in my playthrough. Out of all cars I crunched, I estimate that rougly half of the cars use Fully_Customizable.

Issues I'm aware of:
- Sometimes the new gangs spawn a little too often in cars and their cars are parked a little too often. It has mainly occured with the Asterion Family.
- Sometimes the standard Steelport Police spawns in Downtown and Airport areas. This is an issue I most likely can't resolve. I can give the standard law spawning group an NPC with a streaming category which would forbid it from spawning, but that also causes issues for notoriety spawns. Notoriety spawns give the priority to Streaming Category rather than to NPC name.
- Sometimes gang variants don't entirely rotate out of the spawn pool, so in downtown you may find a Falz Tuner variant driven by civilians.
- By Invitation Only NPCs need a color correction yet.
- Some variants are not crunched yet, they'll be done SOONER THAN SOON™ !
- I'm releasing this mod publicly, but it's in testing phase. I haven't done a complete playthrough yet, and I'm not sure what the game will do in every mission.

Other remarkabilities:
- The Hammer does not spawn with Rough/Average bumpers or body kits anymore. It's now a full ultimate luxury station wagon, meant to spawn nowhere but downtown, at the casinos or at the airport. The Asterion Family spawns it aswell.
- The Peacemaker is now also driven by civilians! Sadly I couldn't get rid of the grill lights and some of the stickers remain, but I'll look for a way to solve this issue.
- Gangs and cops now also sit on the ground and drink, wait at bus stops, sit on benches, lean against walls, read news papers, eat hotdogs, make calls and much more! They don't just drive or walk around anymore!
- Cars have a lot of rims and colors now. The American Royalty hot rods are most interesting honestly, all wheel components are split in their own group.


  • v01: initial release!
  • v02: fixed some gang colour schemes. Still not satisfied with BIO's colors, made a few changes regarding zombie spawning, zombies don't only run anymore. Removed Steelport Secret Police as that caused issues for notoriety spawning, simplified most of the gangs' notoriety spawns. Few tweaks to weapon balance.

Where credit's due:
- Credit to shitface for his height variation, slight changes made to his character_definitions file to give some peds the heroic animations, required for proper gun handling.
- And even more credit to that guy for his preload_items fix.
- Credits to IdolNinja, his vehicle crunching example helped a lot.
regards on packfiles folder do i have to backup it or just replace it directly on saints row 3 folder