A love letter to a franchise.

I write as a therapy, most of the times just for myself. I lost nothing writing this, but had tons of fun. It also reminds me how much I appreciate Saints Row 2 and how it always triggered my imagination so much that it allowed me to write again. Pardon some of the inconsistencies, English isn't my native language.

The story happens following the ending of Saints Row 2, where Saints Row: The Third was simply an alternate universe. This is the Universe where the Saints never sold themselves, and they never even considered it because it was against their beliefs.

Events after Saints Row 2.

During the events of Saints Row 2, it took the boss 2 years to take over Stilwater again. They obsessively looked for Dex, but all the possible tracks went cold. Deciding to take a break after having the satisfaction of defeating the other 3 gangs, the boss left Gat, Pierce and Shaundi in charge of the gang. Playa retired to the mountains in an unknown state, but soon the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. The boss fell into a state of numbness they never thought they could experience, because the thrill of conquering Stilwater and provoking other gangs was fulfilled. They even surprised themselves when they found out most of the rage they felt when they woke up in jail (beginning of Saints Row 2) was mostly gone, and at this point they thought the only thing they wanted was peace and quiet. After the first year of exile, the boss informed their lieutenants they weren’t planning to come back, and entrusted them with the gang.
Little by little, with their once leader gone, the Saints started to drift apart, despite the lieutenants’ best efforts to keep everyone together. Without announcing it officially, the 3rd Street Saints disbanded, and tried to move on.
Pierce ended up opening a shoe store with Luz downtown. Shaundi, who was on great terms with Laura, convinced her to open a dispensary together, selling Loa Dust under the counter. With the contacts he made as a Saint and most of Aisha’s savings, Gat relocated to Barrio district and formed a very small gang made by the remnants of the Saints that smuggled weapons, using Mike Watson’s computer repair shop as a cover to buy and sell.
They were so busy trying to live their own lives that they didn’t notice when Ultor replaced Dane Vogel under the water, and how little by little new gangs started to infest Stilwater, thinking it was free for the take.

Four years have passed since the boss went into exile, living such a calm rutinary life in a cabin in the mountains that they almost forgot who they once were. However, one fateful day, they get 2 letters, something odd since they have never received the mail before.
One of them is a note that simply reads “You were coming for me, now I’m coming for you”, not signed. The other is a letter from Shaundi, begging them to come back to Stilwater, dated two years ago. The boss finally gets up from their couch and starts packing to go back to Stillwater. [We haven’t seen the boss’ face yet, when they get up from the couch, the go straight to the mirror, and it’s in this moment when we are able to customize them].
Once they get to Stilwater, Shaundi picks them up from the Airport, and tells the boss how Stilwater went to shit all over again some time after they left.
The boss not only feels the thrill of the challenge back, they will retake what is truly theirs, and they’ll try to find out who sent them the menacing note.


Boss: Customizable. Latino male and female voice. Black male and female voice. Caucasian male and female voice. Brit male voice, Russian female voice. It’s basically the same boss we met in Saints Row 2, but more tamed as they have lost some of the past rage they had. Expected to be as cold-blooded and ruthless as they were before.

Gat: Gat slightly changed his appearance to avoid getting recognized by authorities (Different hairstyle, and now sports a fake mustache that he’ll eventually get rid of). He didn’t actively look for the boss all these years, but he says he just knew the ‘son of a bitch would eventually come back’. Gat is still the same killing machine, and still mourns Aisha. [His loyalty mission would involve him getting a memorial for her. Expected to be a homie].

Pierce: Pierce will have the same speech and tone he had in SR2. He got rid of his original gangster threads and exchanged them for something ‘classier’ (that Luz picked for him). At first, he’s the only lieutenant reluctant to join back the Saints, but when La Famiglia Verdi gang destroys his shoe store, he decides enough is enough and joins forces with the boss once again. [His loyalty mission involves going on a killing spree that involves taking revenge of La Famiglia, making the boss admit his ideas are great, and singing while driving (and the boss hates it). Expected to be a homie].

Shaundi: Shaundi is the one who started to desperately look for the boss when she started to notice some gangs were starting to be born in Stilwater. She will have the same calm attitude she had originally, thought she decided to tone down the drugs just a little notch. All these years she has been going to self-defense lessons, so she never has to ask anyone else for help again. [Her loyalty mission involves going to rescue Gat with the boss, After Mike Watson tells them he has been kidnapped by Gloria Eterna. Expected to be a homie].

TROY BRADSHAW: Despite being the chief of Police during the events of Saints Row 2, Troy always secretly cared for the Saints, for the boss and Johnny, and missed the feeling of brotherhood he had with them. Troy starts to help them under the water again, and at some point in the story, he will be discovered and they will try to ‘disappear him’. This will be the perfect chance for him to officially return to the 3rd Street Saints, somewhere he never wanted to leave. [His loyalty mission will involve eliminating a squad of corrupt cops who are involved in human trafficking and murder of innocent civilians. Expected to be a homie].

James Kelly: [New character] James is a young man of Irish descent, who was raised in Saints Row Trailer Park areas. He was too young when the Saints took Stillwater with playa as their boss, and when they disappeared and the other gangs started to infest the city, he organized some of the people who lived in the area and projects to stand up to them. James is the unofficial leader of ‘The people’ [an independent gang similar to the Pimps], and has a personal vendetta against La Famiglia, who tried to unsuccessfully take over the areas The People protects. James is married and is too much of a dreamer, too naïve and honorable to the boss’ taste. In a way, he reminds the boss of Carlos. [James Kelly would be related to the Famiglia questline. Depending on the player’s choices, they can either kill James and get a cash bonus, but some of its respect points will be taken; or he can spare James and join forces with him, making The People join the Saints and not getting the bonus cash, but some respect points and James as a homie].

Mr. Wong’s daughter: Elegant, serious and as lethal as her father. She becomes a homie after the boss ‘rescues’ her from the Ten Suns. Running gag? Everyone calls her Mr. Wong's daughter, despite her complaining all the time about it.

Ultor’s President: The saints though they had destroyed Ultor, but they weren’t counting with them having different cells around the world, all of them under the control of a council and the president. This mysterious person, who remains anonymous for security reasons, has shown particular interest in Stilwater and the boss in an almost obsessive matter, according to Kinzie, once she reveals she found files of extremely personal matter about them (right before she was kicked out of the FBI).
Despite the other gangs not admitting it openly, the boss and lieutenants suspect that the reason why the current gangs managed to take control of the city so quickly was because they’re helping Ultor’s President, whose main interest seems to be not to control Stilwater, but to prevent the Saints from raising up again.

Mike Watson: Mike Watson is Gat’s associates, and he owns a computer repair shop in Barrio, but in its basements, Gat runs his illegal weapons shop and smuggling operations. (The basement would be the first safehouse available). He’s described a kind careful man, and someone cool according to Gat. The man has a calm manner and he once says he always rooted for the Saints. [This would be a tribute to Mike Watson, who was known as IdolNinja, someone who loved the franchise, who gave us The Gentlemen of The Row, and a person who was always happy to help others and give them personal tips if something in their game wasn’t working properly. May he rest in peace].


Laura and Tobias: The marriage is back yet again to aid the Saints. They now have a child who they only call ‘the kid’, [The kid is a ‘Chekov’s Gun’ for a next title] and wears a Genki mask, a cape and gloves. Tobias will be the pilot of the Saints in some missions, while Laura will remain Shaundi’s business partner. At some point in the story, both Laura and Tobias will be murdered by the Ten Suns, and the boss will have to escort ‘the kid’ to the outskirts of Stilwater, to safety.

Luz: Luz will return as Pierce’s business partner, and she will mostly complain about Manuel abandoning her. [She will give the boss escort activities, where the player has to watch her back and defend her from La Famiglia while she sells counterfeit products in the streets].

Samson: Once again, Samson is your guy in missions where you need to pick up major explosives.

Mr. Wong and Translator: They return as allies of the Saints, giving them valuable information about the Ten Suns. In some point of this gang’s main quest, they will get tired of his lack of cooperation and will kidnap his daughter. Mr. Wong asks the boss to go rescue her. [Once they go through all the trouble of rescuing her and defeating multiple enemies in the sewers, boss gets right in time to see ‘the daughter’ killing the last of her captors, and she’s not amused to find out her father doubted she’d be able to free herself].

Donnie: Donnie is a returning character in the La Famiglia questline, and like a running joke, he’s once again involved with a gang that the boss wants to destroy. Donnie shows the same ‘coward tendencies’ as before, though he will have his redemption arc. [At some point, the boss will confront Donnie about letting Lin die like a coward, which will prepare the ground for his redemption arc].

Viola DeWynter: She shows up after reaching a certain point in the main quest. Viola came all the way from Steelport, running away from Killbane, who just killed her twin sister and exterminated Phillip Loren and the bosses of The Deckers, thus controlling the whole city. Since she doesn’t know any other life, she asks around until someone directs her straight to the boss, and she offers her services as right hand(something Pierce isn’t happy with). After realizing she can be valuable for the gang, the boss finally accepts her. [She will have a chain of missions that will allow the boss to acquire businesses that were once hidden from them. Her loyalty mission will involve her trying to patch things up with Zimos. Expected to be homie].

Zimos: After it was rumored that things would go South in Steelport, Zimos preventively fled to Stilwater. He thought this would go smooth as butter, but he realized the city was filled with hostile pimps who weren’t willing to lend him a hand at all, and they would constantly steal his girls. He meets the boss through Viola, who he sees waltzing around Stilwater and then he tries to kill, in revenge of what her and her twin sister did to him some years ago. Eventually, the boss helps him patch things up with Viola. [His loyalty mission involves clearing a building belonging to Gloria Eterna so he can start his business. Expected to be homie].

Kinzie Kensington: Once an FBI agent, Kinzie was fired when she was accused of being ‘obsessed’ with a case that involves Ultor’s high ups and their corruption, and refused to let it go. Before she was fired, she managed to hack one of the highups’ accounts and the boss’s files were in there, so she decided to go to Stilwater to join forces. She’s the one who tells the boss they’re too naïve if they actually think they defeated Ultor last time, and she offers her expertise to get to the bottom of this. She seems obsessed with Viola’s hair and she tries to teach Shaundi a thing or two, even complimenting her for her tech knowledge (Let’s remember Shaundi was the tech expert in Saints Row 2). [Her loyalty mission would involve breaking into someone’s home and steal a box. Turns out, it’s just someone who had ‘very personal stuff’ of Kinzie, and were too arrogant to back it up somewhere else. Expected to be homie].

Josh Birk: Josh is a star who is spending his holidays in Stilwater, and trying to advertise his new Nyteblade series. [Josh won’t have the importance he had in SR3, but he will be the one who gives the boss the ‘Crowd Control’ missions].


Boss: Julia Mendoza. Julia is Carlo’s baby sister, and founder of Gloria Eterna, a mostly Mexican gang. She hates the boss because she thinks it was their fault her big brother was killed by The Brotherhood, since he was ‘just a kid’ and the boss ‘should have protected him instead of promoting him to lieutenant’. She has a strong explosive character and anger issues, being an almost scary reflection of the boss in Saints Row 2. Her motivation is not only to destroy the Saints, because they took her 2 older brothers’ lives, but personally end the boss’s life, who she blames for her family’s misery.
Colors: They wear Green, their logo is a White cross with a thorns crown on top, in front of a green field of marihuana leaves.
This gang is known for producing and distributing cannabis and cocaine, but Julia personally kills whoever consumes cocaine in her gang. They’re the most openly ruthless and hostile of the three gangs, and can often openly insult and provoke the boss when they pass by. They’re considered ‘the weakest’ of the 3 gangs controlling Stilwater, in terms of numbers, controlled territories, vehicles and weapons, though. They’re commonly seen fighting cops.

Ten Suns.
Boss: Wei Chi’En. He grew up in Stilwater’s little China, and because the boss was too busy with the other gangs, he never noticed him starting to build up his gang, even back then when the Brotherhood were occupying the territory he now owns. He has a personal vendetta with Mr Wong, not only because his daughter rejected him romantically, but because he refused to do businesss with him. Wei is extremely arrogant, and he uses his power to terrorize people in little China to give him free services of every kind. There’s an incident where he coldly murders one of them who refuses to give him free food for him and his crew. He can be very loud and thus annoying, something even the boss points out right in his face. Some Ten Suns can be heard in game saying Wei used to be crazy over a girl named ‘Lin’. [In the Ten Suns questline, Wei sends a false attack on the Saints HQ to murder Tobias and Laura in the confusion, just because the Boss managed to get Mr. Wong on their side.
Colors: Red and black. Logo is a mountain with clouds, with ten suns floating over it in a curved line.
The gang: has control over little China and some other pockets around Stilwater. They are known for forcing girls to work in massage parlors by intimidation and threats, and filling the streets with opioids. They usually insult the boss in mandarin if they pass by, and it’s common to see them fighting with the pimps.

Boss: Saaverio Verdi is an old man who knows many old tricks, and he has been in the game for years. He’s a calm man who might have paternal vibes, but as soon as things don’t go his way, he unleashes a cold wrath. He controls the most prestigious and elegant zones in Stilwater thanks to his money, fame, and influence. Under the false pretense of ‘looking after their people’ they control and extort everyone who lives in their territory. When Pierce refuses to pay up due to him increasing ‘the protection tax’, he sends some of his crew to set Pierce’s shoe store on fire.
Colors: Blue and Gray. A black pistol and a gray Stiletto crossed over each other. The pistol has a gray background, the stiletto a gray one.
Also known as just ‘La Famiglia’, their members are mostly Italian and Italo-American, with some exceptions. Following the fashion style of the mobsters of the golden era, this old school gangsters try to act ‘as the charming Italian gangsters in mafia movies’, according to Pierce, but they don’t hesitate to beat up civilians and set homes and businesses on fire if people don’t pay up. They don’t openly insult the boss, but they can be heard talking about them and the lieutenants. It’s common to see them fighting with ‘The People’.

[Just as in Saints Row 2 with the Pimps, there are ‘sub gangs’ that might act hostile, depending on the player’s actions of if they aim a weapon at them]

THE PIMPS: This hasn’t changed, these are the people Zimos had issues with. They can be found around the map in the same spots they were in Saints Row 2.

‘The people”: They might look like civilians, but they will be represented with red dots on the mininap just like the pimps, and they will be carrying melee weapons. Depending on the choices made in a La Famiglia mission, they will either turn into purple dots or they will permanently disappear.

Some civilians: Just like in Saints Row 2, some civilians will try to defend themselves if you insult them, aim a weapon on hem, run them over or hurt them with a weapon without killing them. Once they turn hostile, they will immediately become a red dot in the minimap.

In certain parts of the story, the player will be presented with choices that will not only effect how some areas in Stilwater look like and what kind of dialogues you hear in the radio and street, they will affect the endings and final cutscenes. This will be the first time where the boss is given the option to either ‘spare or kill’ their enemies, and each decisions will have different consequences and different rewards after a gang questline. The enemies who are eligible for this choices are Julia Mendoza, Wei Shi’En and James Kelly. The only ‘bosses’ who aren’t eligible for this choices are Saaverio Verdi and Ultor’s president.

When completing loyalty missions, player will be able to assign different outfits and weapons to the homies that have loyalty missions to complete. They will also get more health points.


  • 10 levels of Firefighter, when hopping into a firetruck and starting the diversion. Rewards: Firefigher outfit and axe.
  • 10 levels of Abel Eats, where the player delivers food to people’s homes. Player will have to pick up the food first and then deliver it, might encounter diverse obstacles, like people robbing the place, gangs trying to hijacking them, or customers trying to escape without paying. Rewards: Free food and drinks
  • 10 levels of Taxi driver. Rewards: ‘Taxi driver hat’, and a taxi with 3rd Street Saints motives.
  • 10 rounds of throwing the ball in a basketball court. Rewards: complete purple basketball Uniform, with the number 24 on the back.
  • 10 levels of Ho-ing. Rewards: Pimp outfit and cane.
  • 10 levels of exterminator, where the boss has to kill the bugs with a flamehrower. Rewards: The special edition flamethrower, its flames won’t burn the player, even if they accidently gets close to them.
  • Stunt Jumps.
  • USB collectibles.
  • Audio collectibles.
  • Mugging.
  • Robing Stores.
  • Tagging
  • Car surfing.


  • Hitman.
  • Chop shop.
  • Street Races.
  • Insurance Fraud.
  • Heli Assault.
  • Protecting the homies.
  • Escorting the drug dealer.
  • Crowd Control.
  • Escort.
  • Fuzz
  • Mayhem
  • Snatch

After completing certain number of quests and meeting Viola, the player will be able to travel to Steelport, when she convinces them it’s in the best interest of the Saints to help her out.
While the game as always focused on destroying gangs, in this expansion they player will have to help Viola to build up the Morningstar and Deckers, who were obliterated by Killbane and his Luchadores when he got help of Ultor’s mysterious president.
[Player will have to restore the Morningtar, with Viola as their leader, Matt, the only original survivor of the Deckers as their leader, and put Angel de La Muerte as the new head of the Luchadores once they kill Killbane. Viola will return to Stilwater though, and she will leave Oleg as her right hand, who they previously rescued from the luchadores at some point. In this remake of Oleg, he’s nothing but a normal Russian man, who just happens to be plausibly tall, strong and smart man, not an over the top monster].
I've typed up a lot of fan scripts... But this... Bravo.

I'd definitely buy this game.
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