1. ThePlayaJam765

    [XENIA] Saints Row 2 - Easy Respect + Cash/Non-Flagging Cheats/All Vehicles at Dealership

    With Xenia becoming the more stable method to play this game (at least until the PC patch comes out), I decided to dabble in creating a few mods for it. These mods include - All Vehicles at Dealerships Adds every single vehicle + every single variant to the car dealerships. Boats are at Ship...
  2. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    SoTB's Post-game gang control, SR1 edition

    Remember the Post-game gang control mod that comes as an optional thing in GoTR? Well, this mod does something just like it, now you will never have to fully say goodbye to the other gangs. It's simple to install, just unpack your misc and misc2 folders, drag and drop the content in the provided...
  3. YoungStallion94

    Saints Row 2 Xenia Canary Install Issues: DLC Not Working

    Hello, I've been trying to get Saints Row 2 and it's DLC up and running through Flippy's vidoes and download links that he's provided in those vidoes telling you how to install them, and while I got the original Saints Row up and running along with its DLC and have it running nice and smooth, I...
  4. Saint_of_the_Barrio

    Help with DLC vehicles

    So, after finally getting the SR1 DLCs (through LEGAL means) I finally was able to try out the DLC cosmetics, however, the DLC vehicles, the Rumbler and the Leftturner are nowhere to be found and I can't spawn them in any way, can someone please help?
  5. C

    SR1 Respect Mod / Cheat?

    Is there a mod or quick way to max out my respect in Saints Row 1 using Xenia so I can just blast through the main campaign as I aren't a big fan of the repetitive Activity missions in the first game. Thanks!