1. U

    ultor mission start crash

    the Ultor mission that pops up in southern cross wont start, i just get a black screen then crash, every time i cant think of any possible way to work around this, i need help (i'm playing on steam) i really wanna finish this game so that i can move on to the next one, cus that's what I'm doing...
  2. Singa

    New Parachute Designs

    Ever wonder why your parachute looks like the Belgian flag? Ever wished you could have some rad new colors on your chute? Well tell your old parachute to go make itself a fucking waffle, because I brought you some new designs! This mod let's you choose between one of 8 different looks for the...
  3. Admixon

    Ultor Flamethrower HVY

    Main Thread: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/admixons-creations.17215/ Description There are a lot of hot mods on the workshop, but this one is by far the hottest. Turn up the heat with this recreation of Saints Row 2's classic flamethrower, its sexy design and exterior are only...
  4. Singa

    New Phone Designs For Saints Row: The Third

    Follow up to my phone design mod for SR2. This mod adds multiple new designs for your phone in SRTT. Installation: The mod comes in two variants, a standalone one and a version that's compatible with F13's "SR:TT - Super Ethical Patch" If you don't use his mod pick the standalone version...
  5. Singa

    New Phone Designs

    Have you ever wondered why you're stuck with this boring black cellphone like some filthy default? Have you ever wished you could slap a fleur-de-lis on it or give it a cool colour? Well I have the next best thing sorta by a stretch: Phones in 13 different designs, you heard right! 13 like that...
  6. F

    Crashing on pyramid scheme mission completion

    I have completed this mission around 15 times now but everytime the cutscene is about to play after I've escaped from the facility my game just freezes. I have both GOTR installed and powertools and have tried without having the mods and having one at a time etc. I have also made sure to update...