1. pleasegofuk

    No Peds / No Traffic Mode?

    Any way to get all ambient peds / gangs and traffic to be turned off so it doesn't spawn? Trying to get a clean shot of an area and peds keep spawning in. Even if I kill them, throw them away, and walk 4 steps away, they appear again after I turn around. Any way to turn these stupid peds off...
  2. V

    More cars on roads in city

    Hello) I want to make a more realistic city and add more cars on the road (Not new cars, but simply more cars that are already in the game files, in a visible section of the road), but I don’t understand in which file it can be edited! I found a file with deleting cars over time, but this is not...
  3. Qwerty Van Hallen

    Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in Steelport traffic + 3 cop cars in use

    That simple mod add Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in city traffic. Also Now Police Use 3 cars: Ferdelance(used in original game), Peacemaker, Gunslinger. Screenshots:
  4. F

    Freaks Guy´s Less Repetitive traffic

    Pax Demo Road Blocks: Mod Overall Showcase: This Mod Objective to make the least radical Repetitive in Steelport So now the fruits are varied Differences: -You now see even more varied vehicles in transit -Stilletto in traffic -Swindle applicable to traffic -Lighning up the traffic...