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  1. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Homies & NPCs Lin is a possible Homie in SR2

    I found a model that could be used for Lin. (On the Right... I said the RIGHT) Yeah, I know it's not perfect, but it's as close as I can get without following every single NPC around Stilwater to find a closer model. 1st Question: Can NPC Hairstyles be changed? (Not a major issue for me, if...
  2. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Saints Row IV I wish there was Lin DLC for Saints Row IV

    After the events of Saints Row, I was disappointed that Lin died, as she seemed like a rather interesting character. I then moved onto Saints Row 2, and after meeting Shaundi, I was like: "Lin who?" Then in Saints Row The Third, Shaundi prettied up for the cameras, which distracted Gat from...